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Battle Lines Finely Balanced Between Buyers and Sellers

Just FOUR weeks until Miami, and it’s getting very exciting! I’ll finish the manual this weekend, and as ever I’m determined to keep making things easier and easier for you. Fewer words and lists, more easy-to-understand graphics that you can learn quickly and visually. That’s the OptionEasy ethos. I turned the entire options syllabus into pictures … with another big difference! My pictures MOVE so you can see what happens when any change is made. This way you can SEE what’s happening before your very eyes … and the picture tells you everything for any strategy! A bit like how we turned options data into a simple picture – the OVI – and how that has empowered us to take advantage of ‘scarce information’. We’ll be putting all this into practice in Miami during

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Defiant Mood Continues

The market is wanting to rise in the short term as earnings season begins in earnest. Last week I posed the question of whether this will end up being a bear trap, and suggested not to try to think too

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Earnings Season

New Year Starts with Defiance

Happy New Year … again! A quiet first three days of 2023 was followed by a flourish on Friday as the market took any kind of encouragement from the jobs report. Could it be a bear trap? Let’s see –

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Year Ends with Markets on a Cliff Edge

Happy New Year! So that’s a wrap for 2022, one of the weakest and toughest years in stock market history. The S&P dropped by over 19%, and we are fortunate to have our full range of our capabilities in terms

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Next Leg Down Just a Matter of Time

Last weekend’s Summit went wonderfully well. Feedback overwhelmingly confirms it was by all accounts our best yet, and we’ll be going many steps better for the Miami Bootcamp in April. In the past few days the S&P and IWM once

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Still More Upside, Still Ugly

A quiet Wednesday and Friday due to Thanksgiving means the market will reveal its hand more meaningfully this week than last. Just six days until our Strategies Day on Saturday 3rd December. Here’s an email I literally just received from

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Markets Poised to Get Easier

Even when conditions have been challenging, it pays to be observing closely, because opportunities happen quickly in the markets. Just look at the past couple of weeks. There are only 21 days until our big Summit Strategies Day where my

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Market Stutters with Indecision

Only 28 days until our big Summit Day where I’ll be releasing profound upgrades designed to help us be more precise and more efficient. One of these will help enormously with finding stocks in close proximity to their Key Levels,

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The Upward Retracement Continues

Once again last week’s market review was spot on in that the upward retracement has continued. The big question is whether it is indeed a retracement against a broader bearish headwind, or whether it’s the start of a new bullish

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