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Oversold But Still Room to the Downside

As I’ve said for several weeks now, we’re oversold, yet with more room to the downside.   We’ll get some more cat bounces for sure, but there simply has not been the necessary capitulation (and resulting rebuild) yet.   I also said that this time we are very unlikely to get that V-shaped bounce that occurred in 2020.   This recovery will be slower and in many ways easier to recognize and trade when it comes.   In the meantime, we’ll have to pick off the cleaner setups when they arise, and make our overriding priority capital preservation.   Talking of which, one of our more recent members has reported extraordinary savings (literally 7-figures) simply by applying our processes, which he previously was not aware of.   Of course in some cases there will be simple options strategies to take

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Macroeconomics and Stock Market

Understanding Market Conditions

Understanding the overall market condition when trading is one of the most important aspects of trading. Many traders fall into the trap of not knowing when to scale back their trades.

So how do you determine when is the right time to scale back your trades?

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How to pick the right trading strategy

How To Select An Options Strategy That Suits Your Needs

It’s no secret that options are a versatile trading instrument that can be used in conjunction with other assets. If you’ve ever struggled with picking the right options trading strategy for your trading style, risk tolerance and experience, you’re not alone. There are so many option strategies to choose from. How do you pick the right one for your trading needs?

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Markets Sensitive As We Hit Pre-Earnings

Some more good performances this week, but the markets are now in a sensitive position with the S&P just above its 200-dma, the Dow sandwiched between its 50- and 200-dmas, and the Nasdaq having bounce down off its 200-dma.   As

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Those Nuggets Tasted Good!

Last week I named several nuggets for consideration, and the ones that were ripened consolidations did very nicely.  This week there are a few more to look at.   — Last week I also showcased the new tools in our options

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Chicken Nuggets

New Tools and Nuggets

A huge week for the markets with the most positive bounce for two years … BUT … I think the markets have to do more before we can be comfortable that there won’t be another meaningful downturn. Today there are

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Big Money Footprints

I Told Him: “You’re Banned”!

That’s what I just told an old school friend, who is also a fairly new fellow WiseTraders member!   Ok, so there was some context to my outburst …  My friend was going on about the markets being all over the

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Beware Overbought Situations

That’ll teach me to record in the early hours!   This week you’re saved from seeing my face on the video because while starting the recording at past 2am and having overcome a mic issue, I didn’t realise the video cam

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