The OVI:
trading stocks and options with an edge

What is the OVI?

The 'Options Volatility Indicator' reveals the activity of elite traders.

The OVI is the inspiration for the only independently proven trading system for private investors.

Created by Guy Cohen, the OVI is derived from options data and reveals the activity of elite market players.

In particular, the OVI distinguishes between ‘aggressive position-building’ activity from ‘protective hedging’ activity.

This enables you to participate in stocks where there is strong leveraged sentiment from professional players in either direction.

Validated by independent quantitative analysts and live track record, the OVI can be used to trade stocks with enhanced odds, and also to establish overall market direction.

How the OVI works

The OVI collects all the complex data you see in an options chain and transforms it into a simple line that gives you a unique edge for assessing a stock.

A typical options chain

A typical options chain



The OVI - Options Volatility Indicator


Proven success

Whether from real money track record, or the exceptionally high number of long-term member testimonials, the OVI is proven to give private investors a significant edge.

Independently verified

The OVI is proven and endorsed by independent hedge fund analysts. Of real institutional quality, it is demonstrably superior to other technical indicators available to private investors. For private investors, the OVI is the single greatest tool to beat the markets.

Unique system

The OVI is Guy Cohen’s proprietary and patented indicator, over 20 years in the making. Each optionable stock has an option chain that reveals contract details including pricing, liquidity, and other important metrics. Every night our servers plough through billions of data points, doing the hard work for you and revealing insights that are simply not available elsewhere.

Continuous algorithmic development

We continue to innovate, which means ongoing improvements to our algorithms.

These algorithms incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning principles, and are independently validated to ensure we adhere to the highest standards. The OVI is the inspiration behind the best trading method available to private investors.

The patented OVI on a laptop

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