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Use the power of 'scarce information' to transform your trading

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Find higher-probability setups, gauge market direction, and
manage your trade plan with our applications. It's that simple.

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Trade Better, Faster ...

Whether you're retired or hold a full-time job, chances are you have a busy life.

Our trading system and patented applications empower you to invest in the Stock Market by finding higher-probability setups in optimal market conditions that no-one else can spot ... all in just one click.

So, you can invest in the stock market with real professional insight.

No staring at screens. No complex analysis. Our apps do the hard work for you.

How It Works

Our trading method focuses on three 'Master Keys'

Market Timing

Recognize optimal market conditions to trade, either bullish or bearish.

Stock Selection

Follow the "Big Money Footprints" of professional money to find stocks with higher probabilities to perform best.

Trading Plan

Follow our simple EDGE trading plan to manage risk and put YOU in control of every trade.

Sound Familiar?

How do we ensure this doesn't happen to you?

At WiseTaders we know that simplicity and clarity is essential. With our patented OVI (Options Volatility Indicator) we put you in control and help you place wise trades.

Our Unique suite of tools and training

Learn our way to trade stocks and options using our US-patented applications

Stock trading courses and applications to shape you into a more 'informed' and confident trader.

Discover the power of trading with responsible leverage through our options courses and applications.

Receive tailored, one-to-one coaching and guidance from a professional trading mentor.

Supercharge your stocks or options trading journey at one of our live events.

Proprietary. Proven. Patented

Technology trusted by professionals, designed for you.

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Trade Smarter

Follow a proven trading strategy to find higher-probability setups and control risk.

Tired of Chasing The Next Big Thing?

Properly researched information has never been more important

With so much misinformation being pushed by so-called 'influencers',
it is harder than ever for traders to find authentic trading methods.

Transform your investing strategy now with our trading edge that stays with you.

Your Path To a World-Class approach

Our patented OVI is the source of the unique edge we bring to our members.

We offer a unique solution for traders looking to trade stocks with an edge.

When you trade with the OVI you don't need to be an expert on the market. Focus on a few repeatable setups and master them.

Stocks Essentials
For beginners and above. Stocks Essentials is designed to make stock selection quick and easy combining our automated filtering tools, dynamic training, and 4-step EDGE trade plan.

Stocks VIP
For everyone. This is our ultimate Stocks Membership which equips you with our latest stocks software and training to help you automate each and every one of the Master Keys: Market Timing, Stocks Selection and Trade Plan. 

OptionEasy is the home of all your options applications and education.

Combine OptionEasy strategies with the unique OVI to use options responsibly for leverage, income and risk control.

Options Essentials
For beginners and beyond. Uncover OVI stocks with the optimum balance of leverage, liquidity and risk in just a few seconds with the help of our automated filtering software.

Options VIP
For everyone. Options VIP is our ultimate Options Membership and is designed to automate ALL the hard, boring and emotional aspects of Options trading.

One-to-one stocks or options coaching with a professional trading mentor.

Transform your trading approach with a personalized, high-impact program that focuses on your goals.

Stocks Mentorship
Tailored to your stocks trading goals, includes access to a range of educational resources and session recordings.

Options Mentorship
Tailored to your options trading goals, includes access to a range of educational resources and session recordings.

Our live events bridge the gap between theory and applied trading.

Whether you’re a beginner or a trading veteran, you can fast-track your trading journey at one of our events

WiseTraders Stocks Summit
Exclusive for our Stocks VIP members. Guy Cohen will coach you on four OVI strategies that you can start using immediately. You can also attend remotely.

OptionEasy Bootcamp
Exclusive for our Options VIP members. Guy will teach you how to trade his favorite 12 options strategies, plus many bonuses. You can also attend remotely.