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Why the OVI works for stocks trading

Whether you’re a total beginner or looking to boost your existing trading skills, our stock trading courses and applications enable you to capitalize on predictable stock patterns and use ‘AI’ technology to grow your account.

Our patented OVI (Options Volatility Indicator) is the source of the unique edge we bring to our members.

The OVI exclusively follows the activity of the large leveraged players in the market . These elite entities only deploy greater risk where they believe they hold a serious edge.

The OVI helps you to cut out the noise and focus on uncovering the tracks of big players. Imagine being able to follow their direction for higher probability trading.

You only need to master a couple of proven setups to achieve consistent profits.

How it works

Proven solutions in the palm of your hand.

Our stock trading tools are user-friendly web-based applications, also fully accessible on mobile devices. Simply login to your member’s account and in just a couple of clicks you'll be able to identify the best setups.

WiseTraders use clean, straightforward charts to access hidden market intelligence and help you to place wise, profitable trades.

There are three 'Master Keys' to becoming the very best trader you can be and we provide you with the software to achieve this:

Our world class stock trading solutions

Select from three different membership types, perfect for every level of experience and commitment.

Each of our stock-trading memberships include tools, training and dedicated support.

FlagTrader TradeFinder on tablet


FlagTrader is the ultimate stock selection tool, combining our unique filtering tools, dynamic training, and our 4-step EDGE trade plan.
$ 2997
  • OVI Charts for all qualifying stocks
  • Personalized and in-house watchlists
  • TradeFinder stock filtering software
  • Specialized bite-sized training videos
  • Access to Guy's blog
  • Live webinars with Guy
  • Members Forum
  • Options 101 interactive tutorials

  • Fast Filters for optimal setup

  • Stocks Trading Essentials course

  • Growth Secrets for Small Accounts

Perfect for all levels.
For traders who are seeking to understand and optimize their stock picking performance.
OVI Markets Daily Market Timers

OVI Markets Daily

OVI Markets Daily uses our proprietary algorithms for optimal market timing and to help you choose the right strategy.
$ 197
  • OVI Charts for all qualifying stocks
  • Personalized and in-house watchlists
  • Specialized bite-sized training videos
  • Access to Guy's blog
  • Live webinars with Guy
  • Members Forum
  • Longer term OVI Sentiment Indicator

  • Medium and shorter term Overbought/Oversold Oscillators

  • OVI Dashboard for a complete market overview

Perfect for all levels.
For traders seeking to pinpoint the optimal strategies for the prevailing market conditions.
Home Hedge Fund TradeFinder

Home Hedge Fund

OVI Home Hedge Fund provides automated trading ideas which have outperformed the S&P in a portfolio context.
$ 3997
  • OVI Charts for all qualifying stocks
  • Personalized and in-house watchlists
  • Mini TradeFinder for flags
  • Quick 'Trade Idea Generator'

  • Automated Portfolio Manager

  • Trade Calculator for risk management

  • ATR Calculator for optimal profit targets

  • ATR Manager for better trade management

For more experienced traders.
Best for FlagTrader members, who can apply the right context to the trading ideas of a semi-automated system.

Have your ever ... ?

Felt out of control?

Maybe you got in the trade without a proper reason or trade plan. Or perhaps you weren’t following a tested, logic-based system in the first place.

Felt confused by complex systems?

Most trading systems out there are not only confusing, they are cluttered with dozens of indicators, scribbles all over the charts and complex rules that don't add value to the trader.

Allowed profits to turn to losses?

Every trader has done this at some stage in their trading experience, so you’re not alone. But almost every time, it is a result of poor trade management.

Missed out on a big move because you sold out too soon?

Trying to pick tops and bottoms is doomed to failure as it requires the benefit of hindsight. We show you the optimal way to profit from big trending moves.

When you trade stocks with WiseTraders you'll overcome all of these issues.

We've helped transform thousands of traders

We give you a unique combination of education and stock filtering tools for different strategies.

TradeFinder Fast Filters on tablet

A simpler, better way of trading stocks

The OVI on a tablet

Want a real advantage with your stock trading?

Independently verified by hedge fund analysts, the OVI method is proven and tested to institutional standards.

Since 2007 we have helped 20,000+ private investors take control of their trading strategy, place wise trades and grow their accounts.

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