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Meet Guy Cohen​

Guy Cohen, Founder of WiseTraders

“Identifying where the ‘Big Money’ players are building their positions is a complete game-changer that very few private investors ever get to discover.”

Guy Cohen

Founder of WiseTraders

Guy's story

A trusted innovator in financial trading, Guy Cohen is the creator and originator of the unique OVI (Options Volatility Indicator).

During his finance MBA at Cass Business School, Guy specialized in stocks and options analysis. It was here that he found the trading tools for private investors were simply not good enough.

So he started to build his own, and focusing on extracting game-changing insight from data, he went on to become a successful trader. Over the years Guy’s research deepened in a largely unknown area of the market: options data, which he had been collecting and using for many years. This research resulted in the OVI and ultimately the WiseTraders platform.

Guy is passionate about unlocking the power of scarce information, and his mission is to help others achieve similar success trading the US stock market.

Specializing in stocks and options, Guy is also the author of best-selling trading books.

Today, Guy is a trusted guide, providing an array of services to private and professional traders alike.

Proprietary. Proven. Patented.

Technology trusted by professionals, designed for you.

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The 3 MasterKeys to Guy's trading system

Using logic and empirical evidence you can beat the markets.

Market timing

Recognize optimal market conditions to trade, either bullish or bearish.

Stock selection

Follow the 'Big Money Footprints' of professional money to find stocks with higher probabilities to perform best.

Trading plan

Follow our simple EDGE trading plan to manage risk and put YOU in control of every trade.

Our members love our solutions

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Guy's Books

Guy is one of the most respected financial trading authors in the world, with two bestsellers in multiple editions and languages. His books include:

'Options Made Easy' by financial trading author and WiseTraders Founder Guy Cohen

'Options Made Easy'
(FT Prentice Hall)

'The Bible of options Strategies' by financial trading author and WiseTraders Founder Guy Cohen

'The Bible of options Strategies'
(FT Prentice Hall)

'The Insider Edge' by financial trading author and WiseTraders Founder Guy Cohen

'The Insider Edge'
(FT Prentice Hall)

'Volatile Markets Made Easy' by financial trading author and WiseTraders Founder Guy Cohen

'Volatile Markets Made Easy'
(FT Prentice Hall)

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