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      Perfect for all levels of experience.

      Discover the power of trading with responsible leverage through our options courses and applications.

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      Receive tailored, one-to-one coaching and guidance from a professional trading mentor.

      Perfect for all levels of experience.

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      Perfect for all levels of experience.

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Tailored mentorships

Transform your trading with a personalized, high-impact program.

A one-to-one coaching program

We offer tailored mentorships to help you elevate your trading skills in record time.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your existing trading skills, or to fast-track your journey to becoming a confident trader, a mentorship program is your best option.

We’ll show you how to recognize the higher-probability set-ups, manage risk and approach the markets with confidence.
It’s all about getting on the right plan and following the right method.

See what our personalized service can do for you

We’ll get to know you, your trading habits, and the trading goals that matter to you most.

We’ll train you on how to use our tools and resources, along with a customized trading plan.

We’ll work with you to execute your trading plan; keep you motivated and help you elevate your skills.

What you’ll get from a mentorship package

Accelerate your trading to professional levels with our experienced mentors.

You will have weekly sessions over an eight week period. Your mentor will guide you through a rigorous training programme to make you fit for our unique approach to trading.

You’ll be in a peer group; learning at the same time, allowing you to share your experiences and learn from each other too.

Your mentorship will continue for an entire year after its completion. You’ll have monthly alumni sessions with one of our mentors to ensure you stay on track.

Our mentorship packages

Execute what you learn with our proprietary applications.

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Stocks Mentorship

Elevate your stock trading skills with our comprehensive mentoring service.
Qualified Applicants Only
  • Eight one-to-one sessions
  • Eight group sessions
  • Twelve Alumni group sessions

Options Mentorship

Elevate your options trading skills with our comprehensive mentoring service.
Qualified Applicants Only
  • Eight one-to-one sessions
  • Eight group sessions
  • Twelve Alumni group sessions

Meet our mentors

Glenn’s Story

Glenn is our Head Mentor and the driving force behind our Mentorship program.

Having learnt what it takes to master the markets, Glenn now devotes his time to fast-tracking the success of aspiring traders worldwide. To date he has guided more than 150 students to becoming confident and successful traders.

Here's his story in his own words:

“I started trading in 2007, and in the years following I did everything wrong at some point. As I continued to learn from my mistakes, it became apparent that education was absolutely necessary (as in any business) to be successful.

So I attended an online trading school in early 2010 for 15 months where I learned from people who traded for a living. I realized that perfect practice makes perfect… and I’ve been trading full time ever since. I taught through a chat room and had 200,000+ video views a few years ago.

We can learn to trade well, especially with the right content (the FlagTrader and OptionEasy methods). I love what I do and it affords me time to give back through a charitable organization on weekends that I am a board member on.”

Chloe's Story

Chloe started trading and investing back in 2013. After being unsatisfied with the slow account growth from a long term investing strategy she was using, she started looking for a better method.

Unfortunately this lead her to an intraday trading strategy that didn’t work out, and she lost over half of her life savings. She became fearful of trading and considered quitting for good.

In 2018 Chloe became one of our members and started trading her $3,000 account. Within six months, she had tripled this account. Within 18 months she had grown it by ten times. And within 30 months she had grown it by fifteen times.

Today Chloe continues to grow her account using the WiseTraders methods. She is now a mentor to many students who are struggling to see consistent results and lacking confidence, just like she was.

She especially enjoys the challenge of growing a small trading account, and will sometimes withdraw all her profits and begin trading with a $3,000 account again, using options to grow her account as quickly as possible. As well as recovering all her previous losses, she has used some of her profits to fulfil a lifelong dream of travelling around the world.

Of course, Chloe's results may not be typical but we are proud of her achievements and know that her story serves as inspiration for many of our members.

Our members love our Mentorships

Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person.


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