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Read Beyond The Obvious Bullishness – It’s More of a Mixed Bag

So, as predicted we did get increased volatility last week … and it manifested in both directions, pre and post Nvidia’s earnings announcement. Now is the time to read the room – or the signs – very carefully. Nvidia’s positive earnings caused a gap up, and all seems to be rosy in the garden … on the face of it. But as I look at overall market structure and the quality of setups forming today, I see more of a mixed bag with bullish and bearish setups, and not a huge amount of the top quality I like to see. That said, I still don’t see a clear signal for my anticipated pullback yet – and a clear signal is a requirement. Another reminder, to ensure you keep getting my reviews and communications, please

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Market reviews and blogs

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Increased Volatility Coming Soon

Earlier last week one of our VIP members asked whether Tuesday’s wobble was a sign of the imminent pullback. My answer was that it could be a shot across the bows, but we should give it more time before making

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See The Raw Power of Our Master Keys

By now you should have noticed the raw power of focusing on our 3 Master Keys of Trading. This is what sets up apart from anything else, and this week has shone a bright light upon our favourite setups. Our

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Market Timing Is About to Get Even Better

I’m back home now from a wonderful visit to see our Orlando venue, which I hope you could see, is fantastic! First, a repeat of my urgent notice from last week … Email policies are changing with draconian measures being

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Please Take This Important Action ASAP

First, an urgent notice. Email policies are changing with draconian measures being implemented very soon by the big email providers. That means the likelihood of emails bouncing will sky-rocket. My regular market timing and market reviews continue to provide you

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Bumpy Bullish Earnings As Expected

Last week I said that while the main indices had retraced (apart from the DIA) I expected them to rebound as we get into earnings season. This is exactly what happened, though the financials didn’t have a great week as

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Earnings Season

Earnings Is Here This Week

A very Happy New Year to you, it’s going to be a great year! A number of VIP Summit members have made me rather jolly with reports of excellent performance since that event, and only yesterday a VIP member who

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Be Patient for Confirmation

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you a very happy New Year. It’s my strong belief that 2024 will see a bullish market, and you know how good we are at market timing, so if you

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Confirmation is Essential

First, a very Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones, from me and all the team at WiseTraders.   A quick note for Summit VIPs, the videos have all been chopped up into their chapters for your viewing convenience, so

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