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Next Pit Stop at 350 for SPY … And Big Upgrades Coming for VIP Members

VIP Summit members I’m adding four important new Fast Filters for you, which you’re going to need in the coming weeks and months. In just a click you’ll be able to see a selection of potential reversals, and you’ll have the ability to personalize them further if you like. In terms of market behavior, I hope you’re noticing we’re having a superb run with our market commentaries for the broad indices and individual stocks. If you learn my methods and use my tools you’ll be able to do exactly the same. Which, in turn, means you’ll avoid all the drama and time-wasting that is so prevalent elsewhere. Just focus on our unique ability to interpret probable market direction, and use our scarce information (OVI strategies) for stock selection. If you focus on OVI consolidations

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Volatility Yes, Direction Not Quite!

Last weekend I predicted volatility … but I didn’t expect the direction to be quite what happened! No harm done … short weeks following a holiday Monday can be a little treacherous, which is something I did more than allude

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Follow Through As We Anticipated

A grizzly Friday afternoon session provided another big red pie for “Downward Momentum” stocks, which is especially sensitive coming before the Labor Day holiday weekend.   This means an extra day for news (good or bad) to seep into the market,

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Markets Playing Out Uncannily As Suggested

The expected third leg down, which I’ve mentioned would happen many times over the past few weeks, is happening before our very eyes, and it’s not hanging about! Remember what I said just last week! In line with my reading

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Short Term Choppiness Will Be Ideal

In line with my reading of the markets over the past few months, I’m hoping this current stalling action will be followed by short-term choppiness and then a decline that will complete a Shrinking Retracements third leg down in the

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Current Upswing is on Borrowed Time

Another week, and more inconsistent earnings results with a number of upside and downside surges. As I’ve mentioned over the past couple of months, we are most likely in a multi-month basing period, which means there will be tradeable moves

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Strong Rally is Marker For Strong Base

Last week we cheered the indices breaching their 50-dma’s. This week they spring-boarded off those levels for a strong rally. As I’ve mentioned several times recently, it looks to me like basing action is already in place, and the last

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