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Holiday Week Action Suggests Optimistic Earnings Ahead

Please ensure you keep getting my reviews and communications by being in our Telegram channel here. https://t.me/wisetradersovi We deployed huge Platform update on Thursday and will be continuing the snagging over the next few days. Watch today’s broadcast to see how efficiently you can tweak your searches now, so you can focus your energy purely on quality from now. We’ve made progress on the Broker link too … more about that over the next few weeks. The markets … This week having been a short holiday week hasn’t thrown any surprises. The S&P and Nasdaq remain overbought but with further room for upside. Plum setups are still somewhat thin on the ground, and you’ll see the importance of striking when a stock looks hot near a Key Level … like TSLA a couple weeks

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Volatility and Options

There are seven factors that influence an option’s price:

The type of option (call or put)
The price of the underlying asset
The exercise price (or strike price) of the option
The expiration da…

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