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We help everyday people make Smarter trades

Our Mission

We believe that everyone should be empowered to take control of their investment strategy and achieve their financial goals. This is why, through our trading software and education, we help private investors place wise trades and control their risk.

“If you know what the leveraged players are doing, you have a material advantage over other traders.”

Guy Cohen

Founder of WiseTraders

Who we are

At WiseTraders, we believe that there’s a smarter way to trade. A way that uses sophisticated technology to uncover scarce market information. A way to focus on optimal set-ups to minimize risk and  maximize profits.

Our trading method focuses on revealing the footprints of big aggressive money in the market, and outlines a clear and simple strategy to place wise, profitable trades. This is a unique approach, using our patented OVI (Options Volatility Indicator) which is proven with professional, quantitative portfolios.   

Relentless Innovation

Our purpose is to level the playing field between non-professional traders and the world’s most sophisticated investors. We are passionate about giving our members a tangible edge through our software, education and support. This is why we continue to explore new ways and technologies to make our solutions work harder for you.

Watchlist and TradeFinder on desktop

What we do

We offer software and training solutions to educate private investors, empowering you to follow a consistent trading method. WiseTraders’ trading solutions cover both stocks and options and are best suited for traders looking to profit from short-to-medium-term price fluctuations in the market.

We understand how it feels to be overwhelmed and frustrated by so many choices and complex systems that take up time and energy.

That’s why we focus on making our unique method easy and accessible.

Algorithms for humans

At WiseTraders, we transform complex algorithms into user-friendly tools that our members can use anywhere.  Our simple OVI charts can reveal hidden market intelligence in an instant.

So, while you may have taken years trying to find a trading solution that works for you, we’ve been improving our solutions to serve you better.

Our Founder

Every single day, millions of dollars worth of stocks and options are being traded by professional money managers and home-based traders using Guy Cohen’s OVI systems.

Guy’s client list includes the NYSE, professional money managers, and he has also written several best-selling trading books, published by FT Prentice Hall and Wiley.

His expertise originates from an MBA Finance at Cass Business School in the heart of London’s financial district, but his unique appeal is his ability to communicate proven trading strategies, empowering private investors to trade stocks and options with a professional edge.

Guy is passionate about unlocking the power of scarce information, and his mission is to help others achieve similar success.

Specializing in stocks and options, Guy is also the author of best-selling trading books.

Proprietary. Proven. Patented

Technology trusted by professionals, designed for you.

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Why your experience with WiseTraders is different

We provide home-based traders with user-friendly professional-grade tools

But unlike anywhere else we provide these for the regular private investor, leveling the playing field between you and professional institutional traders.

Smart Tech

Our Edge

Your Success

The values we live by


We care about your success


We put maths and facts at the heart of our products


We believe people should be in control of their financial future


We believe in smarter ways to trade, to save you time and energy


We keep working to make our products work harder for you

Here's What Our Most Successful Members Say

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