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Customer reviews

With so many different trading products out there, it’s only natural to do some research before making your decision. At WiseTraders we are committed to help everyday people make smarter trades. Your success is paramount to us.

We love our members, and our members love us back. Simple.

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Daniel Burnett

Daniel B.

WiseTraders Member

As a retiree, the WiseTraders tools and training are the very best I have ever been involved with. Thanks to them I made $37,917 in less than 30 days.

MaryAnn B.

WiseTraders Member

The OVI is the best indicator ever invented, and I now really can’t imagine how I ever even thought about trading before I knew about it. I’m winning 70% of my trades. 

Archie E.

WiseTraders Member

The WiseTraders system is solid and gets better with every upgrade. I’ve seen returns of 200% when I use the OVI. 

Roger Woodman

Roger W.

WiseTraders Member

Trading with just Guy’s system, I’ve made over $685,000. It has been most profitable and is much the reason I can now enjoy a comfortable retirement. It takes me about 30 minutes a day and remarkably little stress.. I have never seen anything so good in 30 years of trading.

Bernard D.

WiseTraders Member

I’ve been with Guy for over 3 years now and I can honestly say that he is true to his word and gives 110% to his members. For someone wanting to learn a new way to earn an income, Guy’s way is the only one that will give you the support and help that you need to succeed as a new candidate. Using the WiseTraders platform has transformed the way I trade, the signals are a lot clearer and I have a win rate of 70%. Combined with the support of Guy’s team of qualified traders, there is not too much to get wrong, unless you don’t follow the rules.

Kedsey A.

WiseTraders Member

Guy took me from 15 newsletters down to just one, saving me a fortune in subs alone! But he did so much more than that, transforming an undisciplined trading addict into a proper trader who made over $200,000 in profits.

Chloe H.

WiseTraders Member & Mentor

Thanks to the OVI and WiseTraders strategies, I’ve been able to secure a return of 1,428%. I took my account from $3,000 to $45,830 in just 30 months. These profits have allowed me to realise my dream of travelling to Europe and I am now more hopeful of achieving financial freedom.

Patrick S.

WiseTraders Member

Before finding WiseTraders I had too many indicators and no trading plan. I felt disappointed since I was going in circles and it really made me feel like quitting. Finally, with the OVI, there is a leading indicator I can trust. I am so happy to have found WiseTraders. You have clarified trading for me like nothing else. I recently made $4,500 on a single trade!

John P.

WiseTraders Member

The OVI takes the guesswork out of finding the good investments and I was quite surprised that something that seems so easy could be so effective. I now have a larger retirement than I’ve ever had in my life and it’s growing at a rate that allows me to stop working many years before the official age.

Pat T.

WiseTraders Member

You have such a great system that works and you and your team really care about us all being successful. This is the only options trading system I have been able to make a profit from. I’ve been able to turn $3,800 into $33,000 in less than 9 months. 


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