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Your Biggest Mistake?

Next Saturday’s WiseTraders Strategies Day includes the biggest and best stock trading software package we’ve ever included, which means everything you could ever need to trade stocks consistently. Crucially, and for the first time ever, it includes my Market Timing tools and access to my Market Timing Commentary, which has an astonishing record for winnable calls. When you get market timing right, you are more likely to win, it’s as simple as that. Trading stocks or just the indices. And I’ve been on the right side with winnable commentaries 89% of the time over the past 15 months, so think about what that could mean for you even if it’s just a few select trades. Because after next week, those commentaries, the tools and the watchlists will only be available for VIPs. Time is

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Earnings Is Key

That was one of the tougher weeks in trading as many stocks retraced and whipsawed. The one more “hoorah” is looking precarious in this current upside cycle, and earnings will be the deciding factor. Many issues do look overbought, but

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Yes, One More Hoorah!

Last week I leaned towards the market having one more “hoorah” in this current upside cycle. It was a tough call as certain indications were suggesting the markets were overbought, while my trusted indicators were not. So, obviously I’m rather

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One More Hoorah?

Big Announcement … Next year’s OptionEasy Bootcamp will be in … ORLANDO on 20th-21st April. More about that in due course. For now, let’s talk about the markets! In terms of the broad market, this week I have a question

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Still Juice In this Market

Another good week, and while there is still more juice in this run we are getting closer to an overbought situation – not quite there yet. A few more ‘monorail’ initial sell-off bars in evidence with several overstretched stocks, while

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Post Earnings Likely to Be Tepid

The major indices are all pretty much where they were 12-months ago, and with this earnings season limping into its last few days, the most likely outcome for the summer is more tepid performance. The markets Last week I said

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