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Oversold But Still Room to the Downside

As I’ve said for several weeks now, we’re oversold, yet with more room to the downside.   We’ll get some more cat bounces for sure, but there simply has not been the necessary capitulation (and resulting rebuild) yet.   I also said that this time we are very unlikely to get that V-shaped bounce that occurred in 2020.   This recovery will be slower and in many ways easier to recognize and trade when it comes.   In the meantime, we’ll have to pick off the cleaner setups when they arise, and make our overriding priority capital preservation.   Talking of which, one of our more recent members has reported extraordinary savings (literally 7-figures) simply by applying our processes, which he previously was not aware of.   Of course in some cases there will be simple options strategies to take

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Macroeconomics and Stock Market

Understanding Market Conditions

Understanding the overall market condition when trading is one of the most important aspects of trading. Many traders fall into the trap of not knowing when to scale back their trades.

So how do you determine when is the right time to scale back your trades?

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Successful Trader - on the top of a mountain

Cultivating a Winning Trader’s Mindset

What does it take to be a successful retail trader? 5 steps for private investors to developing a winning trader’s mindset. Learn how to cultivate a trading psychology that will best help you achieve your investment goals.

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Few Consolidations, But Stay Tuned

First, I just want to acknowledge the human tragedy that is unfolding in Ukraine … a progressive country with largely western values and overwhelmingly western aspirations.   Clearly, this is a major news factor that is impacting market behavior right now,

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Definite Bearish Bias

Two weeks ago I mentioned that I couldn’t understand why several commentators were talking up the markets by way of a V-shaped recovery.   I said we would need confirmation, and we did not get it.   Now we’re in a bearish

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Whipsaws Signal Market Intent Again

Back in November I talked about the prevalence of whipsaws and how that made for riskier conditions and potentially bearish market intent.   We’re seeing it again – for understandable reasons given the geopolitical context and the spectre of inflation that

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Stock Splits and Trading

How Retail Traders Can Navigate Stock Splits Safely We’re all familiar with Google’s stellar business performance and how it has resulted in a skyrocketing stock price for its parent company, Alphabet.  As things stand, we’re now looking at a stock

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‘Good’ Leverage vs. Bad Leverage

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could emulate why some of the best traders succeed consistently when you’re not quite hitting those heights yourself?   How is it possible that some do and some don’t, when you’re all using the same

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Fast Light

2022 Started With Signs of Sector Rotation

Sector Rotation is still in evidence between the energy (XLE) sector vs Tech (XLK) and Financials (XLF).  Since January 01, 2022:  The XLE has risen from $56.50 to $68.00. The XLK during the same time has fallen from a high of

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