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Answers to top questions about WiseTraders software, trading education and membership packages.

About Our Services

The OVI (Options Volatility Indicator) is our proprietary patented indicator that is derived from options transaction data.  We use it to analyze stocks where there is evidence of large leveraged position-building.  You can use the OVI to trade stocks, ETFs and options.

Our method is suitable for any level of experience, across both stocks and options.  If you’re a beginner you couldn’t be starting at a better place.  If you’re more experienced but are looking to improve, then we have the tools and the techniques to make that happen.

We have a variety of stock packages to suit your needs.   

  • For market timing, the OVI Markets Daily membership includes our proprietary market timing tools.
  • For stock selection, FlagTrader is our flagship package to empower you by following the Big Money Footprints and using our EDGE trade plan.
  • Typically we recommend membership to both OVI Markets Daily and FlagTrader together as these will cover our three Master Keys of trading: market timing, stock selection, and trade plan.
  • Home Hedge Fund is a semi-automated way of doing this, though typically reserved for more advanced students. 

And then there is our comprehensive suite of options packages to suit all needs.  

Our software is intuitive, and our help menus are embedded locally in each section of each application.  No manuals required!  

Both events are focused on our specific strategies and practical implementation of our trade plans. 

The WiseTraders Summit covers our four OVI setups plus an extra one on top.  Stocks conforming to any of the setups can be easily found in a single click via the accompanying VIP TradeFinder. 

The OptionEasy Bootcamp covers all the main options strategies that work alongside OVI setups.  The accompanying TradeFinder application means you can find stocks conforming to our OVI and options criteria in click.  

It really depends on how much personal attention you prefer, which is a personal choice.  Our mentorships focus on ensuring you stick to our plans for the best outcomes.  This means developing a rock solid routine and making it super efficient so you enjoy it and keep to it. 

Of course the mentorships also reinforce all the knowledge from our courseware as well as ensuring the practical application of our methods. 

This depends on the individual.  Some people can do it within weeks, and some people “need” to make their own mistakes to ensure enough pain to not repeat those mistakes again!  

Really not much.  We don’t sit there staring at our screens as we focus on end-of-day prices.   Many of our most successful members are only doing a couple of trades per week on average.  Sometimes this will mean several trades one week and then none for a while depending on market conditions. 

Of course there are other members who like to be more active, and that’s fine too, provided you stick to our setups and trade plans. 

The cost depends on which service you subscribe to.  The optimal combination is to include all three Master Keys:

  • Market timing 
  • Stock selection 
  • Trade management

The optimal entry package is to combine OVI Markets Daily with FlagTrader.  

Analyzing market conditions means we can focus our trading activities during the most friendly market conditions.  Think of crossing a passage of water during smooth conditions vs. choppy conditions.  We prefer smooth waters! 

The “Big Money Footprints” form the main part of our stock selection criteria.  “Big Money” alludes to the activities of larger professional market participants.  These players leave footprints of their big money activity in a stock and its options.  The key here is the impact on supply and demand which then affects prices moving forward.  When big money is in evidence the probability of a move is enhanced.  

Even with probabilities in our favor, we still need a trading plan in order to control risk and protect our profits to the optimal degree.

The EDGE (Enter, Defend, Grow, Evidenced) trading plan ensures we protect our trades by only considering the right setups, protecting our capital through sensible entries and initial stops, and protecting and optimizing our profits. 

Our trading plan:

E – Enter every trade with complete control

D – Defend (or protect) profitable positions early

G – Grow your account

E – Evidenced (trade using an evidenced, logical system)

Our Software Solutions and Technology

Because the OVI is a proprietary indicator, it is only available to our clients and members.

Unlike other technical indicators (MACD, EMA, Bollinger bands etc) that are universally available on any charting system, THE ONLY way to access the OVI is through a subscription to our stocks and options services.

Because the OVI is a proprietary indicator, OVI based tools and software are exclusive to our members. Access to the various OVI tools and software will differ based on the stocks and options memberships and services chosen.

The OVI helps reveal aggressive, leveraged position-building activity in options by big money players.  This can have a direct and indirect impact on the underlying stock price.

Yes, the OVI can be used to trade these other financial instruments if they have optionable ETFs. 

You can use the OVI’s end-of-day readings to enhance your intraday trading, but we don’t tend to focus on intraday trading in our learning materials.  

Not yet, but our vision is to provide a broker solution in time. 

Our Support team ( provide a list of brokers who can implement the types of trades we advocate, but we are generally broker agnostic. 

We do not offer specific trading advice. We do offer idea generating services where our criteria are focused, proprietary and researched.

It depends what type of trading account you have. 
For traditional stocks and options trading accounts we’d say a minimum of $3,000 though we do know of some who started lower and have achieved success.

If you’re outside the US and doing spread-betting or CFDs you can start with literally just a few hundred dollars

FlagTrader is our flagship stock-selection filtering service.  It uses our Big Money Footprints filters including the OVI to identify stocks setting up just the way we like them to.  You can find qualifying stocks in literally one click!

OVI Markets Daily covers the market timing aspect of our three Master Keys of trading.  The service includes short and long term market timing indicators, as well as providing a unique view of the markets and a number of excellent tools for identifying stocks and developing your skills.  

Home Hedge Fund provides trade ideas resulting from various criteria that have emerged from our practical experience and quantitative research.  You need to have FlagTrader in order to qualify for the Home Hedge Fund service.  

The entire OptionEasy suite contains the following three main modules that you can get separately: 

    • 4XL – for simple leverage using the Big Money Footprints and specific options criteria.  
    • Vol-2-Cash – for exploiting an increase in volatility while being direction-neutral, using our proprietary filters and methodology.  
    • Income Booster – for nine popular income strategies, including:
      covered call; diagonal call; calendar call; naked put; collar; bull put; bear call; iron butterfly; iron condor.  

All these main modules include the OptionEasy Premium Education module (also available separately) and a suite of other tools including options calculators, etc.  

Memberships and Customer Support

Just contact us at and we’ll arrange a call back.  We’ll make sure you have the right information in order to make a decision.

Yes, an increasing number of members are requesting this. Please contact with the heading “All In Payment Plan” and we’ll arrange a call ensure you get the right package for you.

With a monthly service you can cancel with 14 days notice.

With an annual service, you have a 30-day money back guarantee. Simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll give you a full refund.

Email us at if you would like to cancel your membership or request a refund

Our Support team ( can help with anything from tech queries to trading queries involving our methods and software. 

Please note that WiseTraders does NOT provide any financial or specific investment / trading advice via any of our software, communications or coaching services. If you seek specific guidance, please seek advice from a registered advisor or your broker.

Account Access

We recommend you use Firefox/Chrome/Edge for better chart performance.  Older operating systems on mobile/tablet/PC may not be able to view the OVI charts.

Yes, our applications are already fully optimised for tablet/iPad devices. We’re also working towards making them mobile phone friendly.

As a first thing, try clearing your browser cache.

We offer tips on how to address possible account access issues in our Members Login area.

If you still have problems, please email for further help.

Still have a question?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us directly. We will answer you shortly!