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If You Can Master This ONE Skill, You Can Live Life On Your Own Terms

You’ve probably heard the stories… 

A $5,000 stake turned into a $100 million fortune. Highschool dropouts and college students making six figures a week.

There’s a lot of hype about online trading. And even if you’re not a fan of private jets and Lamborghinis, you can’t deny this fact:

If you can consistently get on the right side of a trade, you have a moneymaking skill that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Online trading doesn’t discriminate between class, race or gender. Anyone can trade, from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer or tablet and an internet connection.

With the right knowledge and tools at your disposal, there’s no limit to where it can lead you.

Imagine if you could finally quit your job and enjoy a ‘no-holds-barred’ retirement…

Imagine taking long vacations with your loved ones, without having to budget in every cent…

Imagine investing in your children or grandchildren’s future, paying for piano lessons or helping with their college fees…

What you would do with an extra 4, 5, or 6-figure income a month?

But traders today have SO
many challenges to face

In order to ‘make it’ in the trading world, you have to cross a minefield. Wherever you turn, there are challenges and hidden pitfalls that threaten to blow up all your hard work. 
Here are just a few of them…

Information Overwhelm

There are thousands of different sites, gurus, newsletters, stock picking services, and tools to choose from. How should you decide what to use, and where to start?

Time Commitment

Many trading methods involve staring at a screen for hours and hours a day. It’s a huge time commitment that many people (understandably) aren’t prepared to make

Untrustworthy Sources

Many stock trading gurus and websites report incredible results that can’t be verified, with faceless success stories. Whose advice should you trust?

Complicated Technology

We’ve all seen charts with dozens of lines, scribbles, and indicators. Trading this way seems like a code-breaking operation that’s only accessible to the smartest computer geeks


Trading is usually a solitary activity. Without support and a community to fall back on, it’s easy to get stuck in your head and lose confidence

Fear of Getting Started

Even with the right strategy at your disposal, many traders are nervous to place trades. After all, you’re trading with your own hard-earned money. How can you overcome this fear?

What If There Was A Proven, Systematic Path To Profitable Trading?

My name is Guy Cohen, and when I started trading I had to cross the same minefield that traders face today.

I had no idea where to start, and was completely overwhelmed by the options out there. My answer to this was to try everything. I tried dozens of systems and courses. After all, they all looked and sounded amazing, and promised exactly what I was looking for.

It wasn’t a complete disaster. There were periods of good results, where it felt like I had ‘cracked it’. But it never lasted. Some months I lost tens of thousands of dollars. After six months I had made precisely nothing.

Worse, my failure had created a huge hole of shame and frustration I couldn’t seem to fill.

By then, I had become completely obsessed with trading. The idea of quitting was unimaginable. I began studying for an MBA in finance, so I could understand how the markets actually worked. One day, I was in a corporate finance class when it hit me:

When I traded, I thought I was following the methods of the smartest, most successful traders around. But I had really been following the loudest traders.

As my eyes opened to how the markets really worked, it became obvious that truly successful traders are on an entirely different level.

During my studies I learned the same financial analysis strategies that hedge fund managers and institutions use to evaluate high stakes deals and investments. I learned the mathematical models of hypothesis testing, that analysts use to validate financial claims and ideas.

Under these models, the trading methods I had been using fell apart. In most cases, I couldn’t find enough data to even build a model, or any evidence that someone else had. It was nothing but spreadsheets full of winning trades, and faceless success stories.

And yet, there ARE enormous flows of money in the stock market. Take a look at the daily trading values of the NASDAQ, and you’ll find anywhere between 100 to over 200 BILLION dollars of trading activity, EVERY day. If ferrari-driving internet gurus aren’t behind this flow of money, who is?

Well, this probably won’t surprise you.

The most successful traders in the market are almost all professionals. They work for enormous hedge funds and elite financial institutions, and take home pay checks of hundreds of thousands of dollars (plus bonuses).

It’s only logical that these traders are the best of the best. Who else could be trusted to manage millions of dollars in corporate assets and client portfolios?

Now imagine knowing exactly what THESE traders are doing…

Forget about ‘millionaire’ stock tips from some online guru.

Imagine knowing the exact stocks that elite, institutional traders are ACTIVELY staking millions of dollars on… or AGAINST…

What would you do with that information?

23 year-old me knew EXACTLY what I would do with it.

So I paid a financial institution access to their trading activity (legally), so I could see what the most successful traders were doing. There were BILLIONS of rows of data, so I wrote algorithms that would interpret it. I started modelling strategies using this data. I ran hundreds of models on different strategies, looking for any that stood up to institutional standards of analysis that the professionals were using. I even taught myself how to code, so I could create my own software that automated most of my work.

After several months, I had a prototype of my very own trading system. 

Underneath each chart within the software I created was a visual representation of the flow of professional money. I would trade alongside this flow of money, with a handful the best-performing strategies from my testing.

On the left, you can see a chart from with the software. The red and blue line underneath – which I named the OVI – represents the flow of professional money. On the right is an example of what many traders charts look like – a recipe for overwhelm and confusion.

In the first six months of using this new system, I grew my $14,501 account into $187,641.

Guy Cohen Account Statements

 On the left, you can see the chart of my profits from the first six months of using my new system. On the right are my account statements from back then.

That system was a very, very early prototype of what’s taught inside the FlagTrader Program. 

Since then, it’s been refined and streamlined more times than I can count. I started my company OVI Traders, and a team of 12 researchers, quants and traders are now responsible for maintaining and developing the program and the technology behind it. But the core principle behind it has never changed:

The easiest way to succeed as a trader is to trade alongside the professionals.


A complete, step-by-step system for becoming a profitable trader and living life on your own terms

Step-By-Step Video Course

Learn the strategies, techniques and essential rules of profitable trading

Professional Money Technolgy

Trade alongside the flow of sophisticated professional money​

Software & Tools

Easily find and manage the best trade opportunities

Done-for-you trading plans

Step-by-step, confusion-free guidelines for every trade

Weekly 'Stocks To Watch' Videos

In-depth trade reviews from professionals

Trading Watchlists

Track, organize and review your current or upcoming trades

Live Training Invites

Hone your skills and learn new strategies

Unlimited Support

Answers to all your questions

The FlagTrader Program Provides A Single Track To Trading Success That’s Backed By Quantifiable, Verifiable Evidence

Thousands Of Traders Have Already Used The FlagTrader System To Change Their Lives For The Better

Take The Emotion Out Of Trading


FlagTrader Product Bundle

FlagTrader contains a complete, step-by-step training course that teaches you how to become a consistently profitable trader, even if you start out knowing nothing about trading or the financial markets.

Members follow along with step-by-step videos that guide them through the process of finding and making trades. 

But unlike the thousands of trading lessons you can find online, FlagTrader teaches the system I developed over 20 years ago. I have been using this system myself – and sharing it with both professional and regular traders – ever since. 

You’ll discover how to trade alongside the flow of professional money, and stack your portfolio with the same high-probability trades hedge funds and top financial institutions are making.

You’ll also learn specific formulas and rules for each step of the trade that you can simply follow along to. In every video you can see my screen as I demonstrate each step, so it’s like I’m trading alongside you.

All the videos are deliberately concise and streamlined. They’re never filled with fluff or unnecessary technical jargon. Everything you learn has a practical use that will move you forwards towards your goals.

If you’re completely new to trading, FlagTrader also includes a stocks 101 course that covers all the basics of stock trading and the markets. That includes how to read a chart, what types of trades to make, how to safely manage your risk, and the essentials of trading psychology.

"My results thus far have been pretty good... I'm making about $1,000 a week"


Lance joined the FlagTrader Program in November 2019. Within just four months, he was making around $1,000 a week in trading profits.

Lance joined us as a complete trading novice, with no previous experience. However, it’s important to note that he worked very hard during his first for months, and dedicated a lot of time to studying trading, as well as receiving extra mentoring.

Lance prefers using options to trade the FlagTrader method, and in this video he’s at our annual Options trading event.

Earn A Meaningful Second Income In Just 30 Minutes A Day


In the FlagTrader Program you won’t just learn how to trade with the odds in your favour… You’ll receive everything you need to apply what you learn, every step of the way.

A great example of this is our TradeFinder software. To use the TradeFinder, you simply click on a few dropdown options depending on what strategy you want to trade (these are all taught within the video course).

Then you’ll instantly receive a list of stocks that match this strategy. The TradeFinder uses algorithms we developed to scan thousands of stocks for specific criteria. The most important of those is the flow of professional money, which you’ll be able to see represented under each stock, every time you use the TradeFinder.

And we’ve designed this tool, along with everything else inside the FlagTrader Program, so that there’s never any ambiguity or confusion. Members use tools like the TradeFinder alongside the lessons in the Program, where it’s all mapped out for you.

The TradeFinder will prevent you from missing out on good trades, or spending hours and hours looking at charts trying to find them. Instead, it takes around 30 minutes a day. This makes it so much easier for you to start trading and establish a lifelong profit habit.


Online trading can be an incredible way of building wealth and changing your life in a positive way. However, it is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’. To succeed as a trader you still need to put in time and effort. Yes, it is possible to achieve great results in half and hour a day. But before reaching that stage, you need to take the time to go through the FlagTrader course and properly understand the material.

You will need patience, and the discipline to follow the guidelines laid out for you. Our most successful students aren’t those who have the most prestigious careers, degrees or qualifications in their background. Instead, they’re the students who are best at following instructions and sticking to the trading plans mapped out in the program. If you jump into this (or any other kind of trading) without the intention of following a clear plan, you will only waste your time and money.

For some people, trading just isn’t a good fit. If you’re someone who struggles to follow guidelines, make logical decisions, or control impulses to gamble, then this is not a suitable program for you. We would advise considering another method of generating income that isn’t online trading.

"I made over £300,000 … It’s changed my retirement life"


Roger started trading after he retired as a way to “keep his brain active”. Over six years he invested thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours in his trading account and education. After all that time, he had nothing to show for his efforts.

Roger then joined the FlagTrader Program and began following its method. Over the next six years he made over £300,000 by trading stocks with just the FlagTrader Program. Since this interview with Roger in 2016, he has grown that profit to over £400,000. His daily trading routine takes around 30 minutes a day, and has had a significant impact on his retirement life. Roger likes to keep things very simple by focusing on a small watchlist of stocks, and filtering for the best potential trades with the TradeFinder software.

Trade With Confidence


Every trade requires you to make dozens of decisions. For example…

  • Should you make this trade? Is the setup good enough?
  • What strategy should you use?
  • What should your risk be?
  • When should you enter?
  • When should you exit?
  • Where should you set your stop loss?
  • When should you take your profits?
  • What happens if the stock doesn’t do what you expect?

Making a single trade is like navigating a maze. With every new fork in the path, you need to decide on the best direction to take. With each decision, it gets a little harder to know where you are in the maze. Are you going in the right direction, or just walking around in circles?

It’s no wonder so many new traders give up so quickly!

In the FlagTrader Program, each decision you make comes ‘pre-answered’. You’ll receive done-for-you trading plans that give you a clear, straightforward set of instructions to follow at every part of a trade. So instead of second guessing yourself and becoming exhausted with decision fatigue (yes, that is a real thing!), you can focus on what matters most – growing your account.

The trading plans in FlagTrader are the same ones my coaches and I use when we trade. Over the years they have been tested and refined many times over, so you can feel confident whenever you follow them.

“I’ve gone from being absolutely convinced that I’m never going to be able to trade ... to having the confidence that if I follow the process, if I stick by the rules, I will make money.”


Patricia started trading with us in January 2019. After initially struggling to place trades on her broker platform, she soon found her feet. Patricia also had some individual mentoring sessions with our Head Mentor, Glenn.

This video of Patricia is from our options event in April 2019. Since then, here are a few of her updates from her emails with Glenn:

Look ‘Over The Shoulder’ Of Winning Traders


FlagTrader members will also receive my weekly ‘stocks to watch’ videos. You’ll be able to look over my shoulder as I use the tools inside FlagTrader to find and evaluate trades.

It’s the same process I use for my trading everyday, so you’ll gain an insight into what your own trading routine will look like. In the videos I always highlight any stand out trade opportunities, that myself and my team are looking at in our own trading.

I add any stocks from the weekly videos to the FlagTrader watchlists, so you can get an instant snapshot of the best potential trades every week. You can also track and organize stocks in your own watchlists.

As well as the ‘stocks to watch’ videos, you’ll also receive invites to training sessions, where we cover different strategies in detail, and other elements of profitable trading. These always have live Q&As at the end and often run on for several hours as I answer all your questions.

“I’ve gone from being absolutely convinced that I’m never going to be able to trade ... to having the confidence that if I follow the process, if I stick by the rules, I will make money.”

Play Video


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Join A Community Of Like-Minded Traders


Even with the best resources at your disposal, trading can be scary. 

Especially if you’ve never done it before, or you’ve had a bad experience in the past. That’s why every member of the FlagTrader Program gets unlimited access to our support team. There are 7 of them, including three specialized coaches and mentors.

Nearly every member of our support team is a trader themselves. They use the FlagTrader strategies, tools and resources themselves, every day. And they were once new to this too, so they know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Many of my team actually started off as members themselves. Now they know exactly what it takes to succeed in the program, and it’s their job to help you do the same.

Everything In The FlagTrader Program Is Guaranteed To Be...


Get Instant Access To The FlagTrader Program

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Instant access to the step-by-step video course
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Weekly ‘stocks to watch’ reviews
My watchlists and your own personal watchlists
Unlimited support from a full-time team of traders





Try it Risk-Free for 30 Days

The FlagTrader Program has already enabled thousands of traders to start generating a meaningful income. But I understand that it can seem like a considerable invesment for some people.

That’s why I offer a full 30-day guarantee. If you change your mind about the FlagTrader Program within 30 days of purchase, I’ll give you a full cash refund, no questions asked.

If the Program isn’t for you, or if you don’t have the time to use it, then I don’t want you to invest any of your time or money.

And if you’re worried about risking your account when you trade, you can even start out with a virtual paper trading account. That way you’ll know that you have a consistent system that works, before you touch a penny of your own money. That makes this a ZERO risk opportunity.

About Your Instructor

Guy Reuters Interview

Guy Cohen is a professional trader and creator of trading software and technology.

He started trading in the 1990s when a serious illness required him to be able to work from home. Since creating his own successful trading system, he has become a prominent figure in the world of stocks and options trading.

Guy is known for his evidence-backed trading approach, and for his proprietary OVI trading technology. He has written three bestselling trading books for the Financial Times and Wiley. His trading software has been licensed by The International Securities Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. He’s a known commentator in financial publications, TV and other media.

The Bible Of Options Strategies
The Insider Edge
Options Made Easy
Volatile Markets Made Easy

Guy is the Chief Investment Strategist of his company OVI Traders. They provide trading education, tools and research for both professional traders and regular home-based traders.


Guy with his dog
Guy and his family

Guy loves travelling and spending time with his family. He’s the proud father of two children and a sausage dog.

What FlagTrader Students Have To Say...

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The track record of Chloe, who tripled her $3,000 trading account in less than six months
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