Spread Betting with IG Index

Hi Everyone
This is a video explaining how to trade with IG Index’s PureDeal platform.
It’s very straightforward and if you’re based in the UK (or in a country that permits spread-betting) you should …

Image of FlagTrader Software User Interface

Using Flag-Trader Filters on TradeFinder

In this video blog Guy shows you how to use the filters in the Flag-Trader TradeFinder area in order to trim down the number of stocks being selected. On the date of recording, October 22nd, 2008, the…

Guy on phone in Antigua

How to Use Flag-Trader’s TradeFinder

This video is from the TradeFinder page, and shows how to use Flag-Trader’s TradeFinder application which helps us find great flag patterns for fantastic profits.
[usercontrol: /User controls/VideoPan…

Options still pricey … Flags still good

Hi Everyone. Just a quick note to say that straddles are looking a bit on the pricey side again this earnings season, so it’s a good idea to stick to what we know works nearly all the time … ie…

A Trader’s Q&A and a Glimpse of New Illuminati Tools

Hello everyone. An Inner Circle member asked me a question about the stock OEH recently and I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone. Notice I’m not giving any advice on the trade here whatsoever, …

Major Improvements Coming Soon

Hi Everyone. I wanted to let you know about some very important upgrades that are happening with the website in time for the next earnings season.

As you may have seen, during this last earnings seas…


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