No Surprises Whatsoever

Hi Everyone.  
As horrific as the events in Japan have been, make no mistake, the markets were going to fall anyway.  
The OVI on the S&P and Nasdaq has been pointing the way for almost …

Urgent Market Update – 5th February 2010

Hi Everyone,
Friday’s afternoon session saw a massive rally on the indices and across the board.  By some luck as well as judgement (I was a bit wary about the impact of the Employment Report so …

Options Symbol Changes

Hi Everyone
You may have noticed that all the options symbols for US stocks have changed.  I’ll post more about that in due course.  The net result willbe beneficial in the long term as the …

Market Update 16 October 2009

Hi Everyone
I hope you enjoyed my Rubik Cube video.  If you missed it, just click here to get it.
Amazingly this market has kept creeping upwards, though there is a key resistance point around 11…

My New Market Indicator – The OVI Index

Hi Everyone 
If you’ve been trading what you see, you’ll have been trading bull flags recently.  
However, last night’s action was pretty severe to the downside with a 20 point drop in the l…

New Flag Filters

Hi Everyone
I hope you’ve had a great couple of weeks while the markets have burst through the recent beautiful bear flags.  I’ve received emails from Flag-Trader students who have DO…

Improved TeleChart Watchlist import

This Article will show you how to import a list from Flag-Trader’s TradeFinder directly into the TC2000 charting software package, where you can then view the charts super fast.  This helps…

Hi Everyone
Following my video earlier this week, remember, we’re currently in earnings season, and while there are some great looking (bear) flag patterns appearing, make sure you’re completely…

Checking Earnings Dates

Please click here for my latest video update, which outlines how to check for stocks with earnings, plus new features that will appear in the next 24 hours.
Speaking of our commitment to continuing up…

Trading with OptionsXpress FleXCharts

Hi Everyone
This is a video explaining how to trade with OptionsXpress FleXCharts. 
This is where you can place your trades directly from the charts.
To open an account with OptionsXpress,…


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