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Critical Market Update

We had a full house for our recent OVI Market Review webinar where I review several stocks which took only seconds to find because of our state of the art applications!  If you missed i…

Earnings, HAS, FB, and Support Fixed

I will prepare a market video for you in the next couple of days. For now I just want to alert you to a few items. Support:First, we recently experienced a Support issue where some emails we…

Today’s OVI Market Review

Earnings Season is upon us, so I’ve prepared a short OVI Market Review Video for you.  It’s a new format that I’m trying out.  In this video I go through what’s going on in the bro…

Getting started with options

New Java Desktop Version of OVI Charts

There is a new version of the Java OVI charts (for Java security reasons).  When you access the desktop version of the OVI charts, accept the option to run the new version.  This will involv…

OVI Market Update and Java Chart Security PopUp

Just a brief note today.  Earnings season is still in full flow and the markets are still bullish, making new highs.  For those who have access to our OVI charts, on some PCs you may see the…

Earnings Season is upon us

Earnings Season is upon us I hope you enjoyed my webinar last week – we’ll have more like that soon.   In the meantime just to remind that earnings season is upon us, and that means you should …

Market Update, Our Year Ahead

No change from my last update in that the markets still exhibit strength across the board.  I’ll go through some charts in a moment.  Before I do however, I want to let you know of the conti…

OVI Charts for Smartphones, and Report Download

OVI Charts for SmartphonesOur OVI charts for smartphones and iPads are literally around the corner now.  Here’s a taster of what they’ll look like.  In the first image you’ll see the fami…

Improvements to the OVI Traders Club

You may have noticed some improvements to the OVI Traders Club recently.  Here’s a quick run-through: 1. If you’re also a member of FlagTrader, you’ll notice a FlagTrader tab appear at the t…


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