1929, 1974, 1987, 2008 … Technical Trading Always Comes Back

In this alert I’ll be commenting on the current market conditions and how we Flag-Traders should approach the markets. I’ll also be outlining the latest improvements to the site tools.

Flag-Trader Site Upgrades

  • We’re deploying a new release of the site this weekend whereupon UK stocks will be made available within the TradeFinder.
  • We’re also making an improvement to the Yahoo charts links, which should be a big improvement.

Market Commentary

I am finding some decent charts out there even in these crazy markets.  However, when one piece of news can change the entire market by 100s of points in minutes, it’s best for ANY trader to sit this out and observe.  I’m not a gambler and so I’m simply observing – sure, a couple of nice opportunities have slid by, but I’m happy to wait a bit.  Flag-Trader students have reported profits of over 200% per month in normal market conditions, and my best students are simply biding their time right now.  Of course if you’ve been with me for a while, you have the benefit of having used the system for some time and have made windfall profits, even in the downtrend.

You simply have to trust me on this and not get involved with all the hype and panic out there.  Similar things happened around 9/11 and the markets took their medicine until normal, technical service resumed, as it has every time before that, including 1987, 1974 and 1929.

We don’t mind the markets moving down – that’s not a problem for us.  It’s the news-driven panicky nature of these moves that we don’t particularly like.  I’d say we have to get through this next earnings season and then we’ll be in a more technical environment again.

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