Hi everyone. There have been quite a few decent flags out there recently … here are a few that TradeFinder has spotted for us. Notice that NONE of these bull flags was occurring in a downtrend.

1.  AGU – flag appears in a sidewaystrend.  Trade activated around $76 as the stock breaks previous highs(or if you wanted to be more agressive, around $74 as the flag wasbroken to the upside)


2.  CF – lovely Cup & Handle (there are a few of these)


3.  CLR – Nice breakout from prolonged consolidation


4.  MMR – textbook flag … what a beauty!


5.  MOS – another Cup & Handle


6.  POT – not quite so obvious but a nice breakout from a protracted consolidation


7.  SGY – another Cup & Handle


8.  WBD – Trend had changed here … both breakouts were decisive and yielded great gains. 


All the best


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