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OVI Market Review – Choppy Market Means Play Safe

The post-earnings market is choppy and not as predictable as we prefer it to be.  Therefore, play it safe until conditions are more favourable.  Remember, our bread and butter is OVI breakou…

Good Chance of Reversal Today

Friday saw a potential reversal bar on the S&P and several stocks.  Our bread and butter is OVI breakouts of trending stocks, and that’s what you should be focusing on 80% of the time.  …

OVI Market Update [Video] 2014.01.28

Another choppy day in the markets yesterday, no surprises there. 
Remember, you should only be trading when there’s a clear opportunity with low risk.  We specifically look for clear signs o…

Balance - wobbly scale

Markets Wobbly – Stay Safe

The markets are distinctly wobbly right now.  During my OVI Members webinar on Thursday I mentioned that we were now in an unsure phase and it would be smart to not have new bullish pos…

BBRY pops from its cup and handle

BBRY popped from its cup and handle yesterday – but did so by gapping, thereby not triggering the trade.  FB is teasing its highs before earnings next week, and there are a number of stocks at se…

Inconsistent Earnings Season

It’s an inconsistent earnings season so far.  The indices are hovering near their highs, but the safest place is on the sidelines right now.  That said, there are a few nice looking charts t…

The Markets are Never Wrong!

Hi Everyone BAC and the banking stocks behaved as I suggested they would yesterday.  Take a look at today’s video below to see more.  Also there were a couple of Doji bars that rev…

JPM Sets Financials on Bullish Course – [VIDEO]

Hi EveryoneJPM announced earnings yesterday, BAC is today, and the other large financials are reporting this week.  We’re well and truly into earnings season, and here’s my OVI Market Review…

Today’s OVI Market Video 2014.01.14

Here’s my OVI Market Review Video for today.  On Saturday I said the markets were ‘underwhelming’ ahead of the main part of earnings season.  Yesterday they held true to that state…

Turnaround Trader Urgent Video Bulletin

I’ve prepared a very short video that explains how we find our Dojis and price extremes, when you trade them and when you move to the next opportunity.  
Basically the TradeFinder is identifying …


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