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Brexit Uncertainty Means Caution

As I mentioned in a Tweet last week, the Brexit uncertainty is akin to an earnings report but on a market scale, not just an individual stock.  As such the markets are twitchy to say the least, t…

A Hatful of Stellar OVI Winners

The S&P has drifted to new highs, with the other major indices not far behind.  And yet it’s not been carte blanche to easy pickings like you’d get in a typical bull market.  Rather, I w…

Identifying Bearishness

A short video today comparing this current retracement with previous ones over the past year.  The previous ones have tended to resolve themselves with clear reversal signals occurring in the S&a…

Low Volume Monday

Yesterday’s volume was low as the indices recovered some of their poise.  The low volume is not the behaviour of hungry bargain hunting bulls, so we’re not out of these woods yet.  Not all s…

The Warning Signs Were There

Last Monday (28th July) I gave a clear warning that the markets looked fragile and that this was a time to be cautious.  I know many seasoned OVI traders took heed and tightened their stops, noti…

Resilient Markets

Lots going on in the world and yet the market has continued to demonstrate its resilience as shown by price action and OVI behaviour.  This is one of the reasons I don’t pay too much attention to…

Caution into earnings

I’ve mentioned several times recently about the importance of protecting your gains, and this has been particularly important as the market wobbles in the run up to this earnings season. I don’t …

Markets retrace but OVI holds firm

Last week I repeated the suggestion that you should ‘Hold onto your gains’.  With yesterday’s pullback those words are looking prophetic, especially as we move into earnings season.  However…


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