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From Discretionary to Automated

A minor down day yesterday.  Earnings is now well under way.  Many stocks are looking good, but there will inevitably be surprises.  MSFT once again performed for us, with OVI traders r…

Same Message As Last Week!

Last week I referred to “Short Term Bullishness into Earnings”, which is the same message today! The short term outlook remains bullish, and regardless of what’s beyond that, we have to trade wha…

Short Term Bullishness into Earnings

Friday’s Jobs Report was positive, leading to further short term bullish gains on Friday.  Notwithstanding earnings, the short term outlook remains bullish, but I do see troubles beyond that.&nbs…

Volatility is Guaranteed for the Rest of 2016

Just a quick market review today.  Earnings starts next week with the markets still reverberating from the Brexit drama.  The shockwaves are likely to unfold over as many months as the uncer…

Great Setups Around the Corner

I mentioned in blogs, videos and Tweets that the Brexit referendum was akin to a market-wide earnings report, and that you should be cautious in the lead up to it.  That proved to be a decent syn…

Brexit Bulletin

The Brexit Leave result will result in more opportunities in the markets, but only if you apply the proper skills to take advantage of the inevitable volatility that will ensue.  This was my Twee…

Why My Brexit Vote May Surprise You

First, I’ll put my cards on the table.  I make my living through trading US stocks exclusively in US Dollars, and my software business which is largely in US Dollars.  A Brexit vote wi…


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