Important Market Update Difficult Times Ahead

Lots to talk about in this post… The markets are wobbly and would be worse still but for AAPL’s performance.  

Before I get onto that, just a quick note for your calendar: 

Diary Date: Annual Workshop on 30th November, London Heathrow

It’s getting round for that time of year again.  My annual London workshop will be on 30th November and I’ll be broadcasting it live again.  So even if you can’t physically get to the venue you can watch it live from the comfort of your own home like many others did last year.  More about that soon.  

Now for the markets … 

Before I get onto AAPL I want to urge great caution about all long trades for the time being.  Look at the chart for the S&P and like I said last time, you’ll see that it looks like it could form a head and shoulders pattern over the next 2-3 months.  

spy 2013.08.20.jpg

This looks ominous for the Nasdaq.  Either the Doji facilitates a turnaround or we break through the support.  My bet medium term is we’re going down.  

qqq 2013.08.20.jpg

This doesn’t look too happy either.  Negative OVI it blew through Friday’s Doji.  

dia 2013.08.20.jpg

Just look at the correlation between the positive OVI, the bull flag chart patterns and the upward trend.  If you do nothing else you should just wait for these setups and embrace them like old friends when they come along.  I personally would be quite happy to wait for these large cap stocks like AAPL and GS to give me these gifts – even if they’re only a couple of times a year – and go with them when they come along.  

aapl 2013.08.20.jpg

Slight hope with Monday’s large Doji bar forming a reversal, but my bet is that it would be temporary.  

amzn 2013.08.20.jpg

Running out of steam until the market figures out which way to go.  

chk 2013.08.20.jpg

If the markets tank, Gold could be back in fashion.  

gld 2013.08.20.jpg

Ditto for Silver.  

slv 2013.08.20.jpg

No fun here for us.  

gs 2013.08.20.jpg

Classic bearish pattern.  I highlighted this one last week so someone else will have also made money from it!  

ibm 2013.08.20.jpg

What I would give for a bear flag right at support and a continued negative OVI here for this former favourite!  

psx 2013.08.20.jpg

Could this be the moment for TXN to break down properly? 

txn 2013.08.20.jpg

Another one I told you about last week … Dojis may provide temporary relief. 

vz 2013.08.20.jpg

It’s time will come when it breaks out through resistance … but unlikely in this market.  

x 2013.08.20.jpg

More misery for XOM.  

xom 2013.08.20.jpg

If you learn nothing else from my last few emailsl, just observe the correlation between the OVI and the trend and chart pattern.  When it’s obvious it’s obvious and you have great money-making opportunities. You don’t have to be familiar with many stocks in order to make great gains from the market.  This is by far my favourite approach and only takes a few minutes a day to observe and implement.  

Long term, I also like a more automated approach, but if you’re also in that boat remember, a long-only automated system is a longer term approach, which means this type of market isn’t going to suit it so well in the short term.  

More soon – please do remember the seminar date for 30th November.  

All the best


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