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Read Beyond The Obvious Bullishness – It’s More of a Mixed Bag

So, as predicted we did get increased volatility last week … and it manifested in both directions, pre and post Nvidia’s earnings announcement. Now is the time to read the room – or the signs – very carefully. Nvidia’s positive earnings caused a gap up, and all seems to be rosy in the garden … on the face of it. But as I look at overall market structure and the quality of setups forming today, I see more of a mixed bag with bullish and bearish setups, and not a huge amount of the top quality I like to see. That said, I still don’t see a clear signal for my anticipated pullback yet – and a clear signal is a requirement. Another reminder, to ensure you keep getting my reviews and communications, please

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Time Decay with Options

Theta T The characteristic of option prices to change purely as a result of the passage of time is known as time decay. Theta is a measure of how time decay affects the option premium. As such, theta …

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Volatility and Options

There are seven factors that influence an option’s price:

The type of option (call or put)
The price of the underlying asset
The exercise price (or strike price) of the option
The expiration da…

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