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A World First On OUR Platform

Yesterday we held a live webinar that was the first of its kind anywhere! We held it INSIDE our groundbreaking platform so you could play with the charts while viewing the video even if you only have a single monitor. And despite the inevitable first night wrinkles, the feedback was unanimously positive and excited. Which is why right now, you can also watch today’s OVI Market Review INSIDE the platform as a video on-demand! How to Watch This Video If you have multiple screens, you can pop out the video by mousing over the video itself where you’ll see a “picture-in-picture” icon, and if you only have one screen you can watch it next to the charts or maximize the video window to full screen. That’s your choice! Also, look at Guy’s Expert Watchlists

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Time Decay with Options

Theta T The characteristic of option prices to change purely as a result of the passage of time is known as time decay. Theta is a measure of how time decay affects the option premium. As such, theta …

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Volatility and Options

There are seven factors that influence an option’s price:

The type of option (call or put)
The price of the underlying asset
The exercise price (or strike price) of the option
The expiration da…

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