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Battle Lines Finely Balanced Between Buyers and Sellers

Just FOUR weeks until Miami, and it’s getting very exciting! I’ll finish the manual this weekend, and as ever I’m determined to keep making things easier and easier for you. Fewer words and lists, more easy-to-understand graphics that you can learn quickly and visually. That’s the OptionEasy ethos. I turned the entire options syllabus into pictures … with another big difference! My pictures MOVE so you can see what happens when any change is made. This way you can SEE what’s happening before your very eyes … and the picture tells you everything for any strategy! A bit like how we turned options data into a simple picture – the OVI – and how that has empowered us to take advantage of ‘scarce information’. We’ll be putting all this into practice in Miami during

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Major Improvements Coming Soon

Hi Everyone. I wanted to let you know about some very important upgrades that are happening with the website in time for the next earnings season.

As you may have seen, during this last earnings seas…

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Support & Resistance with Straddles

Hi everyone. I recently received this email which I thought was worth sharing. “Hi Guy, I have another question. I had a trade on GE the other day (58% profit in one day straddle and strangle). I boug…

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Recent bull flags

Hi everyone. There have been quite a few decent flags out there recently … here are a few that TradeFinder has spotted for us. Notice that NONE of these bull flags was occurring in a downtrend….

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Time Decay with Options

Theta T The characteristic of option prices to change purely as a result of the passage of time is known as time decay. Theta is a measure of how time decay affects the option premium. As such, theta …

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Volatility and Options

There are seven factors that influence an option’s price:

The type of option (call or put)
The price of the underlying asset
The exercise price (or strike price) of the option
The expiration da…

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