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A Week of Winners and New Apps

A number of solid gains last week as our oversold picks turned around from easy setups. All from low stock price levels and with low risk, so most gratifying!   And really, you don’t need to obsess over missing out on the high profile issues like TSLA and crypto stuff because

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Major Improvements Coming Soon

Hi Everyone. I wanted to let you know about some very important upgrades that are happening with the website in time for the next earnings season.

As you may have seen, during this last earnings seas…

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Fame employee have webcam conference with colleagues

Support & Resistance with Straddles

Hi everyone. I recently received this email which I thought was worth sharing. “Hi Guy, I have another question. I had a trade on GE the other day (58% profit in one day straddle and strangle). I boug…

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Recent bull flags

Hi everyone. There have been quite a few decent flags out there recently … here are a few that TradeFinder has spotted for us. Notice that NONE of these bull flags was occurring in a downtrend….

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Time Decay with Options

Theta T The characteristic of option prices to change purely as a result of the passage of time is known as time decay. Theta is a measure of how time decay affects the option premium. As such, theta …

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