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Roger's Story

Read How Roger Transformed His Trading to Gain a Total of $685,000!

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Roger Woodman

My name is Roger. I retired in 2002 having had my own business for 15 years. I knew I had to do something to keep my brain active and decided that trading would be the way to go.

I tried trading for about six years. I bought many courses, I spent thousands on various webinars, books, courses, systems. I spent about six hours a day glued to my PC screen every day, five days a week, until at the end of it I worked out that I had made precisely nothing.

I was just about to give up trading altogether, when I subscribed to a newsletter via a company run by Guy Cohen, and found out about his unique way of trading. It sounded fairly simple, and it caught my eye.

To cut a long story short, over the next six years of trading with Guy’s system – basically just focusing on stocks - and in my UK ISA, I made over $400,000. If I had traded with options or spread-betting (as I do now) I would have made substantially more than that.

It Works

Guy is approachable, he's honest and he gives you confidence because he identifies opportunities before they’re ready to be profitable. And therefore, you get time to look at these opportunities and make your own decision based on his proprietary OVI mechanism. His underlying philosophy is to “Trade What You See”, in other words whether his indicators are active.

What I like about Guy’s system is that it works, and that you’re fully supported with weekly videos and market information. So you can truly develop as a trader and a private investor.

So, I no longer use any other system. I don’t subscribe to newsletters. I just trade Guy’s system. It takes me about 30-minutes a day. It could take me a lot less time, but there are other tools in the members' area that I like to look at.

Remarkably Little Stress

Essentially, I look at around 20 stocks each day. That takes me about five to ten minutes. Of those, I filter them down further using the OVI system, pick out two or three, look at those slightly in more detail and then trade them.

And that is how with remarkably little stress and very few drawdowns – and if I do have drawdowns they’re peanuts – I’ve made a substantial sum of money with very little effort compared to what I was doing for six years when I first started trading.

A Godsend

His system is just a godsend. Guy’s system is easy. It’s easy to ‘Trade What You See’ once you know what you’re looking for. From then on, all you have to do is look at it for a few minutes a day, and you will make money.

This has enabled me to have a much happier retirement than I anticipated, and I shall now continue trading with his system up until I’m too old to do so.

Now I’ve got time to do what I like doing … Gardening, traveling around, talking to people, meeting friends. Guy’s system has changed my retirement life.

2021 Update

Since my last update I estimate I have made at least another $250,000. That’s now a total of $685,000 in profits simply trading stocks and a few options with your OVI system! This took very little time and there were periods of several months when I did not trade at all.

The majority of this money was made in the last two years. Apart from the financial, gold and miners' stocks which I have been trading for nearly 10 years, I have had good success with the following:

I have also been watching Guy’s options tutorials and have his ‘Bible of Option Strategies’ book on my desk. I now confidently trade credit vertical spreads on weekly options a long way out of the money on SPY, SPX Index, QQQ and IWM.

Occasionally I will also do a ‘pre-earnings’ trade on some of the tech stocks based on OVI methods which adds a bit of spice and excitement to my trading.

Without the unique OVI system and excellent tutorials I would have lost many thousands by now. Instead I have made a significant amount of profit.

Thank you very much!


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