Taking Early Profits in Wild Market Conditions

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In this video I go through a trade that Gordon, on of our newest students, highlighted to me, where he’s made a great trade and taken an early profit. 

In these crazy market conditions, it’s a good idea to take your first profit before the ½ 1:1 area because the markets are whipsawing so much from day to day. 

By taking his first profits early, Gordon’s first 6 Flag-Trades have all been profitable – he’s got a 100% record in these market conditions.  That’s outstanding and it’s all because he’s executing a plan that is paying attention to my words of caution. 

We can all still make good money, even in these conditions, but we have to adjust our first profit targets and still be fussy about the charts we’re trading.  Gordon picked this one out of 40 that he’d found in the TradeFinder – he’s only been looking at Bear Flags. 

Total time taken, minutes. 

As Gordon mentioned to me … he’s beginning to develop a “feel” for this now.  And that’s exactly what you’ll all develop if you follow my plan and this method to the letter, making a small adjustment to your first profit target during these still-bumpy market conditions. 

I still expect December to be a great month for us.  Enjoy the video below. 

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