An Exercise in De-risking

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in a webinar that I was placing a ‘trade-like’ bet on the Wimbledon tennis championships, and outlined how I would de-risk the entire bet.  Now the championships…

OViCoPilot – Fills and Spills

The OViCoPilot is finding trades, and hopefully it will continue the impressive stats for 2013 and the last five years.  For me this is a long term thing and the CoPilot is ultimately built for m…

Stop Limits, The Markets

Market Action: 
I don’t like today’s action which looks very dojo-like on the S&P and Dow which both broke to new highs only to come back into their consolidations – not the decisive type of …

Stock market bear and bull

Flag-Trading with IG Index

Hi Everyone
In this video I take you through a flag trade using the IG Index spread betting platform, which many of you are using to make great profits with the Flag-Trader method.  
At this tim…

Spread Betting with IG Index

Hi Everyone
This is a video explaining how to trade with IG Index’s PureDeal platform.
It’s very straightforward and if you’re based in the UK (or in a country that permits spread-betting) you should …


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