As you may have gathered, Java is being phased out by Chrome and other browsers.  This is having an impact on some users’ experience of our OVI charts.  If you’re unaffected don’t worry!  

Currently we have two types of OVI charts … the Java version and the HTML5 version.  

Typically I refer to the Java version, which up until now has been labelled ‘Optimized for Desktop’, while the HTML5 version has been labelled ‘Optimized for Tablet’. 

Moving forward these labels will change to ‘Java OVI Charts’ and ‘HTML5 OVI Charts’ as they’re both completely compatible with desktops, while the HTML5 version is the default for tablets.  

As other browsers discontinue Java, of course our own Java charts will also have to be phased out, so a priority is now to upgrade the HTML5 charts in preparation for that.  They’re already very usable, but we’ve already spec’d the upgrade they need. 

In the meantime, if you prefer the Java charts, you should still be able to use them with Firefox, IE and in some cases Chrome.  I’m using them on three different browsers and computers with no issues, but I understand that everyone has slightly different configurations on their computers which is therefore giving different experiences. 

Here’s a quick video about it.


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