Flag-Trader Proving its Worth Big Time

In this bulletin I outline how important it is that you have a facility like Flag-Trader that helps you know when to trade and when not to trade.

The patterns are beginning to return – I’m seeing quite a few today even though we’re still in earnings season.  In the next few days we’ll start seeing more good-looking patterns and a greater proportion of them will be neat looking flags.

In the meantime, if you need to limit the selections you’re seeing on TradeFinder, simply use the filters.  I’ve prepared a video for you here for that.  I’m also preparing a video for some of the great patterns we’ve seen today.

In the immediate aftermath of one of the biggest crashes in history, it’s fair to say that the charts were ugly for a while.  This has been followed by earnings season and the small matter of the US election, both of which are important news events.  Typically we prefer to trade outside news-driven periods.

Even so, we are beginning to see the charts return to normalized technical trading patterns from which Flag-Traders thrive.  I already have number of students sending in their trades which have been very successful even during this challenging time.

Let me re-emphasize what we do as Flag-Traders, why my students perform so well with it, and why you will succeed with it:

We trade a certain pattern, the flag, and we trade it with discipline in a certain way, each and every time.  We cherry pick the best of the best.  If the patterns aren’t obvious, we pass them by until they appear again.  They are readily available the vast majority of the time without fail.  The Flag-Trader method and software is enormously valuable to you even when the patterns are ugly … here’s why …

Even during the meltdown Flag-Trader proved its worth to you.  How?  You knew not to trade during that time because the patterns were too ugly!  It’s possible that you wouldn’t have known that before watching the CDs, so even without a single trade, you have derived value enough to restrain yourself during a choppy market.  Trading is about (a) making money and (b) not losing money.  During the crash you achieved (b).  That’s vastly better than many other folks out there.

What you have in your hands is a method and software to enable you to make money when the sun is shining and to avoid losing money during crazy markets.  You really must appreciate that most people who traded during the first two weeks of October were gamblers.  That’s not what we do.  So the fact that we Flag-Traders were quiet during that time is sweet music to me … and should be to you too!

Now of course, I understand that if you haven’t been with me that long you’re focused on making that first trade really count.  But you must adhere to the rules even if that means being more patient that you’d like.  You should be able to tell from the CDs and the quality of the website that you can trust me and the system to deliver for you.  All the examples on the CDs were identified with the TradeFinder.  If you’ve been with me a while you already have a lot of confidence because you’ve seen many winning trades that the TradeFinder has identified for you over the past weeks, months and years.

I hope this helps quieten down any anxiousness to do too much too soon.  As I said, I’m already seen some decent patterns forming and breaking down from some nice bear flags as we speak.

All the best


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