Finding the best stocks in under one minute

Here’s some good news …

Consistent profitable trading really is achievable for private investors.  Indeed, whoever is reading this post.

Yes, it will take some patience.  It will take some discipline.  It will certainly require a ‘proper’ trading education – one that is based on logic and empirical substance.

And it will also require best-of-breed tools that make your trading decisions effortless and profitable.

The average retail trader is busy!  Whether you’re retired, semi-retired, self-employed or in full time employment, chances are you have a busy life.

So, it makes sense that what you really want is to find those highest probability stock setups in just a few taps.

As retail investors ourselves, we strive to make things simple, lucrative, enjoyable… and repeatable.  Our applications do this because they are built FOR traders BY traders … and we’re constantly making improvements.

Our latest upgrade is combining FOUR applications into ONE UNIFIED application.  And it’s a thing of beauty too!

The OVI Charts, Watchlists, Stock Profile Page and our brand new Digital Journal will all be in one place.  No more flipping across different tabs and windows!  Everything where you need it to be … And our TradeFinder screen app will join them shortly.

The result will be a massive time-saver, which means better trading for you.

Game-changing Software Upgrades

The new upgrades will transform your trading for good.  You will now enjoy a “one-stop shop” experience, focusing on our unique insights which help everyday people make extraordinary trades … consistently.

  • The OVI charts are unique to us, providing you with ‘scarce information’ that no-one else has.  With the OVI, you literally have a ringside view into the secretive world of the Big Money Leveraged players … the very best in the business.
  • The Watchlists provide you with an efficient way to manage the stocks you’re looking at.
  • The brand new Digital Journal enables you to record your trade plan and other notes in a few seconds and even append the notes to our charts.
    Let’s face it … no-one wants to journal their trades!  But journaling is proven to improve your results.  So, we came up with an answer.  To make it super easy, in a matter of seconds.  Because it’s important for you!
  • The Stock Profile Page gives you ‘insight superpowers’ that only we can provide you with:
    –  See all the standard stock info in one place, like price, volume, sector, next earnings date, market cap, etc.
    –  Check if a stock exhibits any of our “Big Money Footprints”, the key signals we look for before making a trade.
    –  Instantly see the ‘Big Money Bias’, whether Professional ‘Big Money’ is bullish or bearish on any stock.
    –  View a basic OVI stock chart, with the option to pop it out into a bigger, more detailed view.

There are two more important parts to the Stock Profile Page, which you can see below.

How to Pick Stocks to Trade - A Real Example

Take Plug Power (PLUG), for example.  In just a few seconds, our members know whether PLUG is a viable candidate.

WiseTraders Software - Plug Power
Screenshot from 25th October

There are two more outstanding features that take the Stock Profile Page to the next level, giving our members a serious professional edge to their trading.

  1. See which of our “Fast Filters” the stock you’re viewing is included in on any given day.  Our Fast Filters are your fast track to identifying viable candidates according to our specific criteria.  And that’s for stocks and options strategies too! As you can see, PLUG is featured in 54 Fast Filter strategies for stocks and options.  This is a very high number and you can click into any of these to view the filters and see other stocks that also qualify in them.
    Seriously useful!
  2. See which “Watchlists” the stock you’re viewing is also in.  Here you can see that PLUG is also in nine of YOUR watchlists (well actually Guy’s in this case!) and four of our HOUSE watchlists.  Remember, you can create your own watchlists at any time, and therefore see which ones any particular stock is also in.
  3. You can also see the “Journal” panel here.  Every single trade plan or note you enter into your Journal and link to any particular stock (PLUG here) will appear in this panel.  This means you have a record of every note or trade plan you’ve entered on a given stock, alongside all the other valuable info you need, right there on the summary profile.

Our Vision

These upgrades are taking us closer to our ultimate vision of a unified, single-app software where our proven applications are in one convenient place, and the harder parts of trading are automated.

So that our traders will be able to input their entry/stop/exit levels, save them, share them … and ultimately feed them directly through to execution … all in under one minute.

That’s the ultimate game-changer.

PS. If you’re interested in any of our OVI trading services for stocks or options such as a fast-track mentorship or workshop event, book yourself an appointment here to speak with us. Many of our members aren’t aware of all the services we offer to help you become an established consistent winner with the OVI. Remember, everyone is an individual, and we ensure that we can cater to you and your particular needs.

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