First of all, Happy New Year!  

I’m excited to deliver this first Market Review of 2022 to you, and as I recorded the video I was full of enthusiasm for some of the setups that I have found, and how quickly I found them with our new tools.  

You may have noticed further improvements over the past week, and there will be more to come this week.  

We’ve also infused our options VIP area with the new charts, watchlist and TradeFinder technology, so finding the right options setup has never been faster … It’s literally a single click now – not just for the stock, but for the options strategy too.  

 And of course there is more groundbreaking technology to come in 2022.  

In today’s Market Review I focused on a couple of broad setups: 

  • Consolidations near the Key Levels 
  • Bullish Momentum Bars near the Key Levels 

With both setups I focused more finely on those which have a Bullish Big Money Bias.  

One of the advantages of focusing on these setups near Key Levels is that I can refine my risk profile.   Of course, in benign market conditions the win ratios will rise sharply, while in not-so-kind market conditions my risk is intelligently defined.  

Talking of not-so-kind market conditions, at the end of November I made a prediction for “Whipsaws”.  In the six weeks since then, there have been at least 9 whipsaws by the S&P alone, and I can pretty much guarantee another is about to happen!

S&P 500 Whipsaws

Today, the Medium-Term Market Timer (MTT) is bullish but not overbought, while the S&P is sitting on its 50-dma, which provided such a good support so many times in 2021.

Market Outlook:

We did get an end-of-year market rally, but that’s largely been eroded now, so it’s a matter of identifying new setups. 

Stock Selection:

As above, I’ve focused my searches on Bullish Big Money Bias consolidations and momentum bar setups near Key Levels.  


Using the new software upgrades is a huge time-saver and a pleasure to use.  It means I whizz through a lot of charts in a fraction of the time, and focus on top quality setups.  

Software Upgrades

It’s been another week of tweaks for the new applications, plus we put the new apps into the Options VIP area too.  

Expect further tweaks this week.  

Again, Happy New Year … it’s going to be a good one!

Remember, you can play the video at 1.25x or 1.5x speed if you want to save time! I have placed all the stocks covered in today’s review in your “Latest Preview” watch list. 

PS. If you’re interested in any of our OVI trading services for stocks or options such as a fast-track mentorship or workshop event, book yourself an appointment here to speak with us. Many of our members aren’t aware of all the services we offer to help you become an established consistent winner with the OVI. Remember, everyone is an individual, and we ensure that we can cater to you and your particular needs.

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