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Chloe's Story

Chloe went from losing half her life's savings to becoming one of our most successful students to date.
Here's her story...

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Chloe Hung, WiseTraders Trading Coach & Mentor

I have always been interested in the stock market and looking for ways to build my wealth.

But when I contacted Guy Cohen, back in 2018, I was struggling. I had been trading for the best part of a year and had nothing to show for it.

Worse, my already small account had halved in size. I was left with just $3,000. And that wasn’t ‘fun money’ I had lost. It was half of my life savings at that time.

I Became Afraid of Trading

At that point I became really afraid of trading. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to make it as a trader as my performance was inconsistent to say the least. In reality, my trading had been more like gambling.

Before making the decision to quit trading entirely, I decided to give it one final try.

After attending one of Guy’s workshops from home, I had a one-to-one coaching session with him online. He reviewed my most recent trades and quickly identified that my trading style had one particular fundamental flaw among a host of other flaws.

In addition to making adjustments to my trading technique, he also made me aware of my approach to risk and how I was (mis)managing my trades.

My transformation: from a 40% win rate to 80% win rate, and multiplying my account by 15x

I worked on applying what I learned in Guy’s workshop and from our coaching session. Four months later I got back in touch with Guy with an update ...

My $3,000 account had grown to $9,500, a 217% (3X) increase! This was a dramatic turnaround for someone who had been on the brink of giving up trading, and needless to say I was very happy. My confidence was growing, and I could now see myself making a long-term success of it.

Was this skill or luck?!

Guy suggested I ‘stress-test’ my new process to prove that it could continue working for me, or even for anyone for that matter.

So, in January 2019, I made the bold decision to withdraw all of my profits, reducing my trading capital back to $3,000.

From January 2019 to August 2019, I traded this $3,000 pot strictly following what we had agreed upon as “small account guidelines”. My account continued to grow spectacularly.

Throughout all of this, Guy and I kept in regular contact. He had noticed that many private investors faced the same kinds of challenges that I had encountered with my initial small account size. His view was that having a small account could actually be more of an advantage than a disadvantage. Because it could encourage a greater need for a more controlled approach.

Once I had demonstrated real consistency over time, Guy suggested that I could help his other OVI members as part-time mentor.

Fast-forward to today ... My trading account stands at $45,830, a 1,428% increase, and I still comply with his “small account” trading rules that have transformed my initial $3,000 starting pot by 15 times.

I am also really enjoying helping other traders overcome their challenges, helping them to transform their accounts with Guy’s tools and methods, and helping them to achieve their financial goals.


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