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Stop throwing your money away on the 'next big thing'!

Why chase the ‘Next Big Thing’ – whether it’s crypto, NFTs, meme stocks, or something else – when my ‘Big Money’ strategy has been repeatedly churning out profits like turning $1,000 into $31,000 in 37 days on steady old stocks for DECADES?!

Join me for a free live workshop at 7pm BST on 06 October 2022 to discover my 4-step ‘Big Money‘ strategy …

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Have you fallen into this trap?

Have you fallen into the trap of chasing the ‘Next Big Thing’, AKA the ‘NBT’?

Maybe you bought a boatload of Bitcoin before it crashed, turning every $1,000 invested into just $300?

Or maybe you jumped in on a hot ‘meme stock’ trending on social media without doing any research and you lost even more money?

I mean, just try timing this ‘spike’ on Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY)…

I’m not trying to make you feel bad…

It’s really not your fault – FOMO (‘fear of missing out’) is a powerful force…

And I’m certainly not saying you can’t make money on the ‘NBT’, if you time it right…

But making money from the markets doesn’t need to be a rollercoaster for your emotions or your account balance…

You don’t need the ‘NBT’…

You need a proven, repeatable strategy that’s been churning out ‘NBT’-sized profits on the world’s safest and oldest investing assets for DECADES.

I’m talking about my ‘Big Money’ strategy on good old stocks, which…

In fact I should probably start calling it the ‘Better Than The Next Big Thing’ strategy!

And I’d like to show you how it works – for free – at my ‘Big Money’ strategy live workshop at 7pm BST on Thursday 06 October.

Plus, how you can automate the strategy so all the hard work is done for you…

Warning: Our webinar software has a 250 person capacity. Reserve your space now to avoid missing out.

Here's What We'll Cover At My 'Big Money' Strategy Live Workshop

Warning: Our webinar software has a 250 person capacity. Reserve your space now to avoid missing out.

I have tried and worked with many so called professionals - none of them come close to Guy. He truly is an expert in his field and a real genius at creating super simple/super successful trading strategies, which are backed by his ongoing support to help newcomers succeed.

'Next Big Thing'-sized profits
without The rollercoaster ride

You need to chase the ‘NBT’ to make big profits, right?


300% in 65 Days

My ‘Big Money’ strategy flagged this Blackberry (BB) trade before it shot up 300% in 65 days…

That was your chance to make 'NBT'-sized profits on a stock, turning every $1,000 into $4,000

500% in 8 Days

My strategy flagged up this trade on AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC) before it shot up 500% in 8 days…

Again, your chance to make more 'NBT'-like profits on a stock, turning every $1,000 into $6,000

3,000% in 37 Days

And it also flagged up a trade on Reddit’s favourite meme stock GameStop (GME) before it went viral and shot up 3,000% in 37 days…

That was some serious 'NBT'-sized profits on a stock, turning every $1,000 into $31,000

And remember, you can automate the strategy so it practically throws out trades like this on autopilot


VIR in 14 days


BBBY In 28 Days


PKI In 7 Days


LVGO in 77 days


KIRK In 240 Days


DISCA In 83 Days


SPWR In 85 Days


FIZZ in 84 days


VIAC In 79 Days


SSYS in 71 days


ROKU In 15 Days


AMZN In 150 Days


TSC in 49 days


LM In 21 Days


ALT In 21 Days

Don’t miss out on the next ‘NBT’-sized winner…

Warning: Our webinar software has a 250 person capacity. Reserve your space now to avoid missing out.

Before I met Guy, I had lost half my life savings trading with other methods … Today, thanks to Guy's 'Big Money' strategy, I'm up 1,427% and still going strong!

3 Problems with The 'Next Big Thing'
(And How To Fix Them)

The live workshop isn’t going to be a ‘NBT’ bashing session…

It’s more about showing you how my ‘Big Money’ strategy is a sustainable, repeatable alternative.

But we do need to be clear why chasing the ‘Next Big Thing’ is such a bad idea…

'NBT' Problem #1 - it's a rollercoaster for your money and your emotions

‘NBT’s are always a rollercoaster…

Sure, that can be good, as you can make a lot of money if you time it right…

But that means losing a lot of money if you time it wrong.

For example, there are 1,700+ ‘dead coins’ – cryptos that have gone to zero…

'Big Money' Fix:

Trading on steady old stocks like Apple or even 'volatile' stocks like Tesla is much more reliable (especially when using my proven stop loss and profit-taking strategies)

'NBT' Problem #2 - hardly anyone can predict what they'll do

I’m sure you saw some of the famous (and not-so-famous) faces making outlandish Bitcoin predictions over the last few years.

For example, John McAfee said if Bitcoin didn’t hit $1,000,000 by 2020 he’d eat his… well, you can see what in the tweet below…

Bitcoin of course never hit $1,000,000 in 2020 and has now crashed down from its all time high of $69,000.

Simply put, ‘NBTs’ are notoriously hard to make predictions about.

'Big Money' Fix:

We're not predicting anything - we're just following what the 'Big Money Cabal' are doing!

'NBT' Problem #3 - lack of historic data

‘NBTs’ are always the new kids on the block (it’s in the name!)…

That means they have very little or even zero historical market data.

So, how are you supposed to analyse their long-term past performance to get an idea what they might do in the future?

The answer is: you can’t!

For example, crypto is only 13 years old

Whereas we have stock data going back to the 1800s – that’s 200 years!

So, really, blindly betting on the ‘NBT’ is no better than hitting the casinos.

'Big Money' Fix:

We focus on the stock market, which has 200+ years of historic data available for us to analyse.

Actually, there are a couple more ‘NBT’ problems and ‘Big Money’ fixes, but I’ll save them for the live workshop…

Warning: Our webinar software has a 250 person capacity. Reserve your space now to avoid missing out.

"I'm at $4,500 in literally an hour. Holy Sh*t!"

Meet the ordinary people already using my ‘Big Money’ strategy to make ‘NBT’-sized profits…
Roger Woodman

Roger Woodman made $650,000 in 5 years

"This has transformed my retirement life... It takes me about 30 minutes a day, with remarkably little stress and very little drawdowns - if I do have drawdowns, they’re peanuts!"

Daniel Burnett

Daniel Burnett made $37,917 in 30 days

"December 2020 was an absolute record-setting month in terms of profitable trading activity! My best profits being $15,867, $12,630 and $9,420. That's $37,917 in just 30 days!"

Kedsey Anders made $200,000 in profits

"Guy took me from 15 newsletters down to just one, saving me a fortune in subs alone! But he did much more than that, transforming an undisciplined trading addict into a proper trader who made over $200,000 in profits."

Kyle Brenner achieved an 80% win ratio in 6 months

"Best trading experience in 14 years! The stress load is gone and I now have control of my time and enjoy consistent earnings ... life is good!"

Patrick Sutton made $4,500 in 1 hour

"Took two minutes to find the trade. I'm at $4,500 in literally an hour. Holy sh*t!"

Chloe Hung turned $3,000 into $45,830 in 912 days

"Before I met Guy, I had lost half my life savings trading with other methods … Today, thanks to Guy's 'Big Money' strategy, I'm up 1,427% and still going strong!"

Warning: Our webinar software has a 250 person capacity. Reserve your space now to avoid missing out.

Who Exactly Are The 'Big Money Cabal'?

As you’ll see during the workshop my ‘Big Money’ strategy is – you guessed it – all about following ‘Big Money’…

And that means following the ‘Big Money Cabal’…

That’s institutional ‘whale’ investors trading with so much money they move markets…

Financial traders with super-fast tools that are too expensive or simply unavailable to retail traders (that’s you and me)…

Or ‘in the know’ individuals that use their positions to take advantage of market-impacting information before it goes public.

When I say ‘in the know’ information, I’m sure you can imagine what I mean…

For example, in the financial space

Matthew Martoma was a hedge fund manager who used his ‘in the know’ position to make an eye-watering $276 million (yes, he got caught!)…

In the political space

The husband of Nancy Pelosi, who is the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, made $5.3 million on a trade on Google’s parent company Alphabet (GOOGL)…

This was right before Nancy voted on legislation for antitrust regulation that could have affected Google.

Of course, I’m not suggesting they did anything illegal!

But it gets you thinking…

And in the business space

As the Guardian reports, Elon Musk and his brother Kimbal have been under investigation for insider trading…

Kimbal sold Tesla shares the day before Elon asked his Twitter followers if he should sell stock too…

It may seem unfair, but the beauty of my ‘Big Money’ strategy is you can follow these ‘Big Money Cabal’ without any legal trouble!

You’re simply following the four distinct ‘footprints’ they leave in the markets.

Want to know what they are?

And how you can automate the process of finding them, so it takes only a couple of clicks?

Then join me at the live workshop…

Warning: Our webinar software has a 250 person capacity. Reserve your space now to avoid missing out.

I used the 'Big Money' strategy during the pandemic and turned $3,800 into $33,000 in just eight months.

And ... who the hell am i anyway?

My name’s Guy Cohen – nice to meet you!

This is me chatting to some of my students at a live event we run in Miami …

I won’t bore you with my full CV, but here are a few of my ‘greatest hits’ …

Warning: Our webinar software has a 250 person capacity. Reserve your space now to avoid missing out.

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