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Another Great Week – More of the Same Please!

Last week I mentioned we’d had a good week, and this week brought more of the same … with easy OVI setups like SQ breaking out and holding their gains, and with more likely to come at least until we get to the tech stocks reporting in a few days’ time.

Also this week I released the new OVI charts where you can display the 200 and 50 day moving averages, the new OVIsi and there will be much more to follow shortly.

Over the next few weeks I’ll reveal more about these new additions as they “bed in”.

In this week’s OVI Market Review, I also add a few pre-earnings setups.  Remember these are to be treated with care and with very minor amounts of your portfolio.  However, there have been many that have already performed very well this season.

Also remember, if you do want to play pre-earnings you can mitigate your risk in two specific ways:

  1. Use options.  This way (a) you know what your maximum risk will be, and (b) you can partially close a position before earnings if the stock has already moved enough in your favour, while keeping a risk-free portion open in case of a further move at and beyond earnings.
  2. Enter conditionally on a breakout.

In today’s video I re-review several of last week’s stocks that we looked at, and some more to look at this week that are maturing into decent setups.